How to Use the Email Integration

Integrate notifications from your favorite applications:

To integrate notifications from your favorite apps, like PayPal, LinkedIn, and Salesforce, please watch this video tutorial.

Or follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Integration section of your Hibox account.

  2. Click on the settings icon next to the ’email’ section on the right.

  3. Copy the email address from the stream you want to use (for example, Paypal notifications in the Finance room).

  4. Sign into the email account (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) that you use for this application. Go to the “settings” section and then to the ‘forwarding’ section where you will add this forwarding address.

  5. On Hibox, you will receive a verification code in the stream where you want to integrate notifications. Copy and paste this code into the verification section of your email account.

  6. Then create a filter on your email to receive only the notifications from this app. For example, ‘[email protected]’ for Paypal. Make sure to select the option that enables you to forward the emails to your Hibox email address.

  7. You will then begin receiving notifications from your favorite apps!

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