Privacy Policy

1. General conditions


1.1 The following privacy policies regulate the treatment of personal information in “Hibox®”, from this point forward “the Application”. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to describe which type of data and personal information we collect from users, the purpose for which they are used, what rights users have to protect themselves and before whom and under which circumstances we can reveal them.

1.2 The application was developed by Hibox, from this point forward the “Supplier”, and operated by the Client, from this point forward the “Operator”. All the “we”, “us” references, or every first person of the plural form, means the “Supplier” and the “Operator” jointly.

1.3 This document is an Annex to the Terms of Use which can be found on the Operator’s Web Page. All the definitions that can be found there are applicable.

1.4 We, the group who makes the Application possible, believe that the privacy of Users’ data and personal information is fundamental. For this reason, we created this Privacy Policy to attempt to protect their online security.

2. Collection of information

2.1 Collection of non-personal information


2.1.1 Certain non-personal information from visits to the Web Site is registered to keep the internet servers operating normally. Non-personal information that we collect may include IP addresses, which operating systems is being used (for example Mac, Windows or Linux), which browser is being employed by the User, (for example, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer), the number and the frequency of visits to the Web Site, in which Web Site the visitor was on just before visiting our Site, and standard web sign up information, like connection information, page stats, website traffic address and advertising data. By visiting or using the website, we can collect some non-personal information about you using small files called “cookies”. We use cookies for various purposes, like recognizing website visitors, to determine the number of unique visitors to the website, to determine which pages they visit and to make internal revisions of our website. We can associate information that we collect using cookies with personal information that we compile through the Application. We can combine information and use it, for example, to personalize your experience on the web site or personalize marketing communications. You will be free to remove cookies but it is possible that upon doing so you will be unable to use some website functionality. The “Help” option on the toolbar that most of the browsers have will indicate how to configure your browser to not allow new cookies, how to receive notifications when you receive new cookies or how to remove cookies from your hard drive. Information that we collect through cookies, and that we are able to share, is anonymous and not identifiable with any person. It does not include your name, address, phone number or email. We can allow advertising on our web site, the advertising company can use cookies. We have no control over third party cookies.

2.2 Collection of personal information


2.2.1 All the information that the Application receives from Users will be properly protected, in a way that it cannot be communicated, modified, or shared publicly except under the conditions or cases that current legislation allows. Consequently, both the Supplier and the Operator will employ all technical measures and legal provisions needed to ensure the protection and privacy of personal data.

2.2.2 You can visit our website without giving your name or transmitting personal data. If you accept participating as a User of our Application you consent to:

  1. During the creation of your user we require, among other things, your name, surname, email, postal address, phone and age.
  2. Your personal information will be transferred and stored in our servers in United States or Europe, depending on your location.
  3. If you sign up through Linkedin® the Application will be able to read and store your CV, profile photo and job and education history.
  4. This Application will not be able to access your private messages or store your Linkedin® password.

2.2.3 Your user account will be protected by a password for your privacy and security. You must prevent any non-authorized access on your computer by choosing an appropriate password and keeping it out of reach from third parties. You should restrict access to your computer, and whenever possible, terminate your account’s session for the Application when you have finished using it.

2.3 Google user data


2.3.1 The application accesses Google user data to 1) view and manage the files in your Google Drive and 2) manage your contacts. The application will not use your Google user data for any other purpose besides the aforementioned. We do not save any Google User information.

The Personal Data processed concerns the following type and purpose:

Personal Data collected Purpose
Anonymized format IP address User behaviour analysis
Device screen resolution User behaviour analysis
Device type (unique device identifiers), operating system, and browser type User behaviour analysis
Geographic location (approximate) User behaviour analysis
Preferred language used to access Hibox Improve user experience
Mouse events (movement, location and clicks) User behaviour analysis
Keypresses User behaviour analysis
Referring url and domain User behaviour analysis
Pages visited User behaviour analysis
Date and time when website pages were visited User behaviour analysis
Random user ID User behaviour analysis
Full name (optional) Improve user experience
Email address (optional) Improve user experience

3. Use, access and destruction of personal information and data


3.1 We do not sell or redistribute User’s personal data and it will not be used for purpose beyond the scope of this Application.

3.2 As a user, you accept that we can use your personal information for:

  1. Providing the service and technical support that you request.
  2. Communicate information regarding our services. This includes, but it’s not limited to, onboarding emails, end of trial notifications, service changes notifications, etc.
  3. Resolving disputes, answering emails or other requirements.
  4. Personalizing, measuring and improving our services and content.

3.3 Any User that wishes to suspend the authorization given to the Application, will be able to do so following the steps described in clause 8.1 of the Terms of Use.

4. Disclosure personal data and information


4.1 We only disclose to third parties personal information collected through the Application in the case of a legal requirement or by your express consent.

5. Security of information and personal data


5.1 Your information and personal data will be encrypted and stored in servers in the United States or Europe and protected from non-authorized access. Only authorized employees will have access to Users’ data and personal information and this access will be limited to what they reasonably need to fulfill their responsibilities.

5.2 The User has sole responsibility for all his activity on his account, whether realized by the User or a third party using his or her account. If you believe your account has been compromised, you should immediately contact us by email at [email protected]. The User agrees to indemnify and hold us undamaged for losses suffered due to the use of his or her account by another person.

6. Use of Third Party providers


We use a select number of trusted Third Party providers to help us provide Services to You. We only share information with the Third Party that is required for the service they are offering and contractually bind these providers to keep any information We share with them as confidential and to be used only for particular purposes. For example, amongst others, We have providers that process Our credit card transactions, support Our internal ticketing/support system, and manage Our marketing communications. Similarly, it may be necessary to share Your personal information or part of it, with Amazon Web Services which stores the information within their servers, solely related to the storage facilities. By using Hibox, You explicitly consent to, and authorize us to sub-contract in this manner.

7. Age restrictions.


7.1 You confirm and guarantee that you are at least eighteen (18) years old, if you are under eighteen (18), you may not, under any circumstance or any reason, use this Application.

8. Unforeseen circumstances


8.1 In the event that we or any of our assets are acquired by a third party, personal information acquired by us could be one of the assets transferred in this acquisition.

9. Third party websites


9.1 We are not responsible for the policies, content or norms of third party websites that the to which the Application or its content can be linked. Please review the specific privacy policies from these websites to learn how they collect and use personal information.

10. Hibox Data Retention


10.1 How long we retain your Personal Data depends on the type of data and the purpose for which we process the data. We will retain your Personal Information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Notice unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

11. Single Sign-On (SSO)


11.1 Hibox uses SSO for all of its products. When a user signs up for any Hibox product, User data is stored in a centralized location so all other Hibox products can be accessed using the same login, and so billing can be simplified across all your subscriptions.

11.2 SSO data is kept indefinitely for all active Users. SSO data is deleted automatically 60-90 days after cancellation of all Hibox accounts. If you want to delete your SSO data before the automatic deletion, simply contact us at [email protected].

12. Changes in our Privacy Policy


12.1 By registering as a User, using the Application or our website, you accept the conditions described in this privacy policy.

12.2 On occasion, it could be necessary for us to change some of the terms of this policy. In the event of a change we will inform you through this same website by publishing an updated version of this document. If you continue to use the Application, this will imply acceptance of those changes.

12.3 If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at [email protected].

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