Group video chat with one click

Connect face-to-face with anyone, anywhere in a live virtual meeting without ever having to leave the platform with group video chat. Easy, intuitive and secure.


One-to-One Instant Videoconferencing

How frustrating is it trying to get your team logged in and connected to Skype, or Google Hangouts, just to have a quick conversation? With Hibox, you can start a group video call by simply clicking the video icon. The best part? No plug-in or installation is required.

Group Video Chat

Get multiple users on a videoconference at the same time to brainstorm face-to-face! From Hibox’s company chat you can simply click the video icon to start a group conference without having to get your team logged onto another platform like Skype or Hangouts.


Sharing your screen with your team has never been easier! With the Hibox Screensharing extension, you can share your whole screen or just a single window. Simply click the screen sharing button and you’re ready to go. Make your videoconferences with your colleagues and clients more productive today.

Virtual Meetings with Integrated Chat and Tasks

Your team can continue to send messages, assign tasks, and share files. With integrated task management, you can set your plans into action in real-time! Mute video calls or turn off video capability at any time with a single click to have total control over your virtual meeting experience.

Customize Your Group Video Chat

Mute video calls or turn off video capability at anytime to add more control to your experience! You can turn back on anytime during the videoconference. We have a very interesting blog article about "Business Chat for Effective Remote Team Communication". We invite you to read it.

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