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Encrypted Business Chat
Group and individual chat
Manage Projects
Create and assign task and sub-tasks
AI Powered
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Meet Hi Bot, your personal AI assitant.

Create Content
Instantly write articles, case studies & white papers.
Translate Text
Instant text translation for multi-lingual teams
Rewrite Any Text
Hi Bot rewrites anything to make it sound perfect.
Create Tasks
Hi Bot helps make task creation even easier.
Gather Research
Ask Hi Bot anything and get the right answer in seconds.
Idea Generation
Brainstorm ideas for your business in seconds.
Analyze Data
Analyze data in seconds rather than hours.
Write Emails
Write marketing or everyday emails instantly.

Hibox Business Chat Features

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Business Chat
Business chat with file sharing, document collaboration, meetings and more
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Task Management
Streamlined task management with sub-tasks, files, comments and time tracking
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Video Calling
One click video calling to individuals or teams with built in task management.
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File Sharing & Storage
Share files right in the chat and store files using built-in cloud storage.
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Integrate with external collaboration tools and the other Hibox apps.
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Get usage, productivity and compliance reporting from your dashboard or by download.
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Search Everything
Search everything with no time or date limits - find what you need, when you need it.
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Any Device
Use from any computer in your browser, or take Hibox on the go with our mobile apps.
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Hi Bot AI
Get an assist from Hi Bot to help you with just about anything.
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"A truly magnificent team collaboration tool."

Encrypted Business Chat
Chat with your coworkers in a secure, private company chat made for business.
Share Files
Drag and drop to share files right in your chats or add them to tasks.
Integrated Video Chat
Start a live face-to-face video call with your team with just one click. Share screens and create tasks during the call.
Message History & Search
Get unlimited message and file history with powerful search to find what you need when you need it.
Compliance Tools
Compliance is a breeze with filterable and downloadable message histories and audit logs.
Advanced AI
Increase your team's productivity with Hibox's powerful AI capabilities.
Advanced Task Management
Keep your team focused with detailed and intuitive task management. Add files and comments, create sub-tasks, set deadlines and track your time.
Schedule Meetings
Google and Microsoft integrations allow you to set meetings right from Hibox. Invite your team and external participants.
Cloud Storage
Hibox has built-in cloud storage with customizable folders to organize your files.
Team Collaboration
Google Drive and Dropbox integrations allow you to share files and collaborate on documents.
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