Hibox for Real Estate

In this quick guide, you’ll learn how real estate teams are revolutionizing how they work by using Hibox to:

1. Work together as a remote team
2. Get to new leads fast with Email Integration
3. Keep in touch on the road with video calling
4. Plan out team events, goals and deadlines with Calendar View
5. Share and store important files in one place
6. Remotely collaborate on documents
7. Book appointments with one click
1. Work together as a remote team

Organize your sales force by creating new Streams (groups) for leads or accounts and assigning the necessary employees to that Stream. Teams focused on accounts can chat together about strategy, share important files and assign tasks to make sure everything gets done. Each user only sees what they need since Streams can be public or private/invite only. All your data is saved for future reference and easily searchable. You can archive a Stream when the account is closed and make it live again if needed. With agents rarely in the office having chat, task management and file sharing in one spot makes communication and accountability much easier.

2. Get to new leads faster with Email Integration

You can stay on top of new leads with the Email Integration (works regardless of your email provider). Set up a Stream for new leads and use the integration to generate a notification right in the chat stream any time someone fills out a lead form. Some agencies create a task for each new lead, and when they have been contacted the agent assigned closes the task. No more losing track of email threads, overlapping communication, and dropped leads.

You can also post new call-in or referral leads to this Stream, or post them to an individual agent’s Stream.

Another useful way to leverage Email Integration is as file storage. Whenever a client signs a purchase agreement or other important document it can be automatically or manually forwarded to their Stream so it will always be available in your Hibox account.

3. Keep in touch on the road with video calling

We know your sales team is mobile so staying in touch with the office when agents are on the road is important. Video chat allows you to meet individually or in groups from anywhere. Hibox supports up to ten connections at one time. Video calls include a chat area where you can create tasks so you won’t ever miss a to-do from a meeting.

To create a more personal experience agents can video call customers instead of using the chat feature. This also saves driving time by reducing the need for face to face meetings.

4. Plan out team events, goals and deadlines with Calendar View

Your team can plan out open houses, closings events, deadlines and more using the Calendar View. Assign tasks directly in the calendar or from streams. It’s the perfect visual view of your team’s entire workload. You can drag and drop tasks or change the assigned user to help divvy up work amongst your team. Set recurring meetings or tasks, and even create task templates for those you use regularly. All team members will have access to a clear view of what’s due ahead on the Calendar. This is a great tool for sales team goal setting!

5. Share and store important files in one place

In any real estate transaction there are many files that need to be sent back and forth. Anyone can easily send files from their laptop or phone via Hibox chat. Those files are stored forever and can be downloaded easily. Our incredible search and filter functionality allows you to search for any file that’s ever been shared with you, regardless of how long it’s been. Never look through emails to find the correct attachment again.

All communication and files are kept safe with our 128-bit end to end encryption.

6. Remotely collaborate on documents

Whether you work in the office or are a road warrior, there are times when you need to work on documents with others. Integrating Hibox with Google Drive, Dropbox or Box allows you to post and pin cloud documents to any Stream for easy access to that document for anyone who needs it.

Hibox is not only great for managing tasks and files leading up to a big business trip; it’s perfect for staying in touch with HQ while you’re away! Video chat with you entire team or any individual with just one click! You’re never too far away for a face-to-face discussion. Hibox supports up to ten connections at one time so you can have team meetings from virtually anywhere.

6. Book appointments with one click

Your agents are booking meetings all the time. You know how you email back and forth until you finally settle on a time you and your client can meet? No longer! Hibox Scheduler allows you to send a link to your client and let them book any available time. No more back and forth means lots of saved time and frustration. By integrating your work calendar you’ll see your booked appointments in the Hibox Calendar View as well as your regular calendar.

Hibox has a solution for meetings staff or agents want to book themselves as well. Using our Google Calendar or Outlook integrations, users can create a meeting with anyone in the Hibox account, a client who is not a user in the account or both.

There are so many tips ands tricks to discover in Hibox that will help your real estate team effectively execute your strategy and hit your goals every quarter. To get your team more productive and connected than ever, try out Hibox for free.

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