Hibox for Human Resources

With Hibox, your HR team will be able to:

1. Provide an a easy and private method for conversations with employees across your company.
2. Create and track engaging and organized on-boarding process and training programs.
3. Improve the connectivity and engagement of your company’s workforce.
1. Digitalize your on-boarding process:

Bringing on new employees is a vital part of HR and a successful on-boarding process can make or break a strong workforce. Your team can easily set up Hibox to create a smooth and engaging on-boarding process. Hibox’s full digital workspace is particularly helpful for on-boarding remote workers or workers in other offices. New employees will feel like they’ve stepped through the doors of your “office” the minute they log in. Create a separate chat stream for HR and when you add a new employee, invite them to this stream to live chat with the HR team about any questions they have.

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In this stream, also share company information with all employees using Google Drive and Dropbox integrations. Employees will always have the latest versions of company policy, calendars, and legal documents they can access on their own time – saving you and your team the hassle.

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Use private chat for sensitive information:

Your team can also chat individually with new hires to get their legal paperwork taken care of in a private stream separate and confidential from other company streams. Have team members digitally turn in paperwork and keep it on file in Hibox for both HR and the employee to access anytime. All conversations and information shared with employees is secure and end-to-end encrypted.

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With Hibox, new employees don’t waste time constantly having to get up from their desk (or call if they’re remote) to ask questions. They can start a simple chat with any other employees or your HR team to get issues resolved. Another great idea is to create company process guides in a Google Doc and have them saved in the HR stream file list for employees to access anytime they need help learning a new company process.

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2. Track training programs:

Implement a new training program for a promoted employee or company tool in a new, improved way. Create a new stream with the title of the new program and invite users to join. Here you can share new procedure guides, share links, and videos. You can create tasks and subtasks for each step of the training program to assign to employees to complete. This way, you can keep track of who has completed what and make sure everyone is caught up.

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3. Document all internal communication:

All company internal communication and tasks created in Hibox is saved and can be searched and revisited at anytime. So if you’re an HR team dealing with an employee misunderstanding, any conversation can be brought up from your Hibox account’s auditing log for review. This can help you resolve the issue as efficiently and accurately as possible.

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4. Live discussions for better connectivity:

At anytime, you and your team can start a live video discussion with any employees. Questions can be answered face-to-face with just one click! There’s no need to try to get everyone signed into another platform. Employees can also video chat with other employees for a more connected, personal experience while working. Whether your team is all in the same building or spread across the world, live discussions help boost employee engagement and make everyone feel like you really are working alongside each other.

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Employees claim to be 85% more engaged during face-to-face conversations. And HR knows, engaged employees are happy and productive employees! Hibox can provide your HR team with a new way to tackle your company’s people problems that’s private, digital, organized, and engaging for both you and employees. Upgrade your HR process and try Hibox for free today.

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