How Can Someone Book a Meeting with Me?

  1. Anyone can schedule a meeting with you in seconds, they just need your URL. You can find it under the “Event Types”.
    How to Set up and Appointment
  2. You will find a chain/link icon at the right of each created event. Click on it so you can copy your Hibox Scheduler URL into your clipboard.
    Copy URL
  3. If you wish to see how a customer sees your calendar, please, click on the preview button.
    Preview Button
  4. This is how your invitees visualize your URL invitation. Click on an available day to open more options.
    Select a Date
  5. Now that you see the time slots, select one to complete the process. Select a Date
  6. If you’d like, you can complete and confirm the registration form to test the booking system. After you confirm it, you can find it under your Bookings section
    Registration form

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