Edit an Existing Event

To change a booked event;

  1. Click on “Event Types” at the left of your screen. 
    Edit An Existing Event
  2. Locate the event you wish to edit. Click on the 3 dots at the right of each event and select “Edit”
    Edit An Existing Event

    Edit An Existing Event

  3. You can edit different settings for your event.
    • Duration; set how many minutes is the event planned for.
    • Location; choose between an “In-person meeting”, “Link-meeting”, “Atendee Phone Number”, “Your Phone Number” or “Google Meet”
      Edit An Existing Event
  4. Write a Description of the event.
  5. Select the Availability Schedule from the ones you have created. You can go here to learn more about How to set up your Availability here.
  6. Select “Show advanced settings” to see more options
    Edit An Existing Event

    Click on “Show advanced settings” to;

    1. Create events on; Select the calendar where your events is being created.
      Created Events On
    2. The Event Name allows you to edit how will the event name appear on the calendar. You can automate this by using the displayed code.
      Event Name
    3. You can have Additional Inputs such as text, numbers, or checkboxes. You can add several inputs when needed.
      Additional Inputs
    4. Choose to hide the additional inputs and notes on the calendar events by clicking on “Hide notes in the calendar”
    5. If you for assistants to confirm their participation, you can enable the “Requires confirmation” box.
    6. Activate the “Recurring Event” option if you want people to schedule a meeting with a certain frequency.
    7. Hide your Hibox Scheduler username by enabling the “Generate private URL” option.
    8. With the“Minumum booking notice” you can set the minimum amount of time required before scheduling a meeting right away.
    9. The “Time-slot intervals” set how much time there is between each meeting. This can be as short as 5 minutes up to 1 hour.
    10. Configure how long in the future your invitees can schedule a meeting. Either by a specific number of days into the future or with a date range.
    11. The “Buffer time” will set how much free time you have after each event.
    12. If you have a limited number of invitations available, you can activate the “Offer seats” option and set up the number of seats you wish to offer. They will be reduced by each guest that books a meeting.
    13. Under the “Redirect on booking” section, you can add a URL to any other website you want your guests to visit after they have scheduled a meeting with you.

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