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How to improve the security of your business data

Mark Trego
Nov 07, 2018

With GDPR this year, data security and compliance is on the minds of all business owners. The more technology reliant we become, the easier it is to work together and reach the world but the more complex and important data security becomes. Companies of all sizes today are responsible for properly managing and protecting incredible amounts of data. Ever for a small company, the consequences for not properly protecting business data can be very serious and expensive. It can be overwhelming for a small team to understand how to protect business data and what steps they can take to make sure they are set up for security.

data security

Here are a few tips on how you can easy improve business data security and avoid disaster:

Be proactive and use malware protection to run regular scans:

One of the biggest threats to your business data at this time is malware. Not regularly scanning and securing your business from malware can be a fatal error at anytime. Luckily, there are plenty of free or extremely cheap anti-malware protection tools you can use. Make regular scans a part of your business protocol to ensure too much time doesn’t pass and you miss an opportunity to defend yourself. AVG AntiVirus is a universally trusted low-cost anti-malware software with a simple interface that protects against viruses, malware, and spyware. It helps you block unsafe links, downloads, and email attachments before they even get to your computer and even scans your PC for performance problems. You or anyone on your team can manage security from a super simple dashboard.  

data security

Use 1Password for teams to simplify and improve logins:

Teams of any size use many different tools to get work done these days. Do you currently keep all logins for platforms in one sheet or use one password for all logins? This can be a huge danger to your data security. This sheet is not a safe way to keep your logins safe and accessible for those who need them on a regular bases. Try 1Password for teams. With 1Password you can manage all passwords and protect them for all accounts behind one master password to your account. You can then invite hundreds and thousands of users if necessary to join your account and get varying permissions and access to accounts. It eliminates the need for a potentially hackable password sheet, helps you keep stronger passwords, and helps manage permissions across your organizations. Your data is encrypted end to end with three layers of encryption for maximum security. It’s much superior to any other password management system, even if your team is small.

data security

Avoid using public platforms for business services:

It’s easy out of habit to have employees branding away from formalities and messaging or communicating via personal profiles on public platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. It’s easy and intuitive but the risk of sensitive and confidential information getting out is huge. In the past, these platforms have had data breaches you can’t control, personal accounts can easily be hacked, and it’s difficult to control permissions. Instead, use an intuitive way of communicating like company chat that offers the same convenience but in one secure location with guaranteed security and confidentiality. Learn more on the dangers of using Whatsapp for business and how to get your team communicating securely.

Communicate in one secure location:

Email, messaging, texts, etc. going all at the same time between team members is not only confusing and unproductive but also a security concern. Not all platforms and devices are secure and it’s easy for third parties to get ahold of important data and information. Eliminate the issue entirely by moving all communication to one platform. Chat platforms are proving more effective and organized than email. The average employee spends 28% of their week reading and responding to email. Email threads are disengaging, confusing, and disorganized. Chat is much faster, more intuitive way of communication and is more collaborative than email. Using a chat platform like Hibox will keep your communication centralized and secure. All chats are backed up, chat history is searchable, and only those invited can access your communication streams. Chat is end to end encrypted so no messages or sensitive information can be leaked or easily accessible.

data security

Share files in a cloud-based hub:

There is not only a convenience issue with sharing different versions of files via email but also a security concern. Important data and information can end up outside of the intended parties and easier to access if it is shared via email. Instead, upgrade to sharing files together in a cloud-based drive like Google Drive. Only those invited can see the files and the permissions can be changed from file to file depending on the confidentiality. Even if someone gets a hold of the link to a file that you share in an email, they cannot open it without proper permission unlike simply sending files via email. All files are in one central place anyone can get to from any device as long as they’re logged in instead of saved on various hardware. Dropbox or Box are also great options for secure file sharing but they do not allow the simultaneous editing that Google Drive does. It makes collaborating and working together really easy. Your team can use Hibox to securely share files in your chat streams with integrations for all three: Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. All your files are saved and searchable when shared in Hibox so anyone can find what they’re looking for easily in one platform.

data security

A data breach can happen at any point from a minor slip in your effort to protect business data. Now more than ever, businesses are responsible for protecting their own and others’ sensitive data. Take these simple steps to make sure you are protected. Try Hibox with your team today for a secure, collective place to collaborate and work together, worry free.

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