How Hibox is using AI to boost companies’ performance

Mariano Rodríguez Colombelli
May 30, 2017

One of the biggest questions floating around companies large and small today is how to use Artificial Intelligence and if it’s even worth trying. The benefits are numerous, but so are the questions and fears for both managers and employees. Will AI replace workers? Is it worth the time and money to implement?

Artificial Intelligence is absolutely something all companies should and can implement to improve productivity. Many competing companies may not have a choice as 45% of the fastest-growing companies will be using AI tools and assistants for many tasks than humans by 2018. Although AI will replace about 7% of office jobs, the positives outweigh the negatives ten fold. Employees will be free from performing menial tasks throughout the day so they are able to focus on the one thing robots will never be able to do – creativity. At Hibox, we’re focused on bridging the gap between all teams and the power of AI so that anyone can improve productivity and release the potential of their employees.

Already we’ve included a few AI tools right within our collaboration platform that free up time for your team.

Auto task recognition

In any chat stream, when you type a message that sounds like you’re wanting to assign a task, Hibox will automatically ask you if you want to create a task from that message. Since we launched this feature more than 200,000 tasks were created using AI that otherwise would have been lost or forgotten.

Auto recognition of dates and assignee

Additionally, when suggesting you create a task from a message, Hibox will recognize any users’ names and deadline specifications you include and auto-assign the task you create to that user at that specific time. Less work for you!

Delegate work effectively in seconds

When you assign a task, Hibox will suggest the best users to assign that task to based on skills, workload and past tasks assigned. AI makes it simple to delegate work to your team evenly in seconds. This helps you avoid overloading team members and bottlenecks without a thought! Our clients have reported savings of more than 20% in delivery time due to this more efficient task assignment using AI.

Team sentiment analysis

We’re even working to make AI personal. Hibox will help managers measure the overall sentiment of their team by using algorithms to track language in chat streams. Sometimes the emotional side of business can be hard to manage on a large scale, especially with very little in person communication happening. Hibox’s AI tools can help corporations of any size track and, in turn, better their employee satisfaction like never before.

And we’re not done here!

We’re developing and testing new AI tools to be released in the very near future that will allow teams to focus on what matters even more. Soon, users will be able to get an instant estimation of how long a task or project will take using AI as well. This will make planning out projects long term or just for the day will be easier and more precise. You’ll know exactly what your team can handle from the start.

When discussing meetings, Hibox will automatically schedule meetings based on the times, places, and users mentioned in your chat stream. There will be no miscommunications or missed details! Everyone will be notified and on the same page with no effort.

And this is just the beginning! Hibox is announcing new AI features planned for the future as our roadmap to an AI and data driven business solutions continues to lengthen. Stay tuned for more powerful developments and client success.  

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