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4 simple tips to improve your workspace for better concentration

I have a home office that I could just never seem to get anything done at. It was […]

Sophia Ellis
May 23, 2017

Top 10 marketing influencers on Twitter USA

Ever wonder what’s the most effective way to boost your company’s sales? Surprisingly it has nothing to do […]

Sophia Ellis
May 16, 2017

How to craft your perfect cold lead email

I think the biggest challenge of any marketing or sales team is the cold lead email pitch. Whether […]

Sophia Ellis
May 09, 2017

How to use online team building to boost productivity

When you really look at it, most teams are remote teams now. Even if you work in the […]

Sophia Ellis
May 08, 2017

How to use goal setting to boost productivity

Productivity is funny. We talk all the time about increasing it, getting better at it, seeing changes in […]

Sophia Ellis
May 04, 2017

7 effective ways to help stop the workplace stress problem

Workplace stress is one of the leading causes of productivity and “sick days”. We’ve all struggled with it […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 28, 2017

Leadership styles of the most successful managers

Like anything people related, managing is emotional, unscientific, and highly subjective. Becoming an successful manager is something that […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 24, 2017

These simple expert tips guarantee excellent project management

Project management can be messy. It’s the very human part of business there’s no real science to. It’s […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 20, 2017

How to avoid the three biggest productivity killers at work

Just because you are at work, it doesn’t mean you’re getting work done! Who isn’t familiar with the […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 14, 2017

How to combat your biggest distractions at work

There are some days I think to myself “there’s just not enough hours in my day”. Then this […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 13, 2017