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Team Management – Revolution of Technology

Claudia Jeffrey guest
Jan 03, 2020

Technology has touched our lives in every way. From daily house chores to our jobs, technology has revolutionized the way we are doing things. As a result, workplaces have adapted to different technological changes for the better. From recruitment automation to biometric entry systems, every department in your workplace is enjoying its perks. This is why every organization has its dedicated IT department to handle the upcoming changes and its implementation. Therefore, even practical tasks that required manual labor are now automated. Tasks such as managerial operations have become smooth sailing.

Hence, here are the ways technology has amplified the process of team management:

Efficient Analytical Tools

Technology has beaten the old age rule of judging a fish by its ability to climb. Now, if your employers are ignorant of your needs, maybe they need to reevaluate their analytical tools. Because efficient analytical tools provide employers with real-time data to:

  • Strategize
  • Drive processes
  • Learn more about their employees

Many big organizations in the industry are taking a cognitive approach towards learning more about their employees. Employers now know what motivates and retains the productivity of their employees through behavioral assessment tools.

Access to Dedicated Task Software

Dedicated software provides ease of monitoring a task. The efficiency of the software keeps track of all the individual attributes of the project on a single platform. Depending on your designated role on the project and the program you choose, you can enter information about: estimation, budgeting, scheduling, and other prospect involved. As the project progresses, different team members would update their respective fields of work. This will allow real-time updates on projects, information access, and overall efficiency.

Your team can use a task management software such as Hibox to track work, measure time spent in tasks and make sure everything is done on time:

prioritize tasks

Work Sharing Through Cloud Computing

Software services like Google Drive, Essay Writing Service UK, or DropBox generate cloud computing. The company can even hire any custom cloud service that fulfills this purpose. It works as a central depository system for all the project files. It saves time spent on emailing individually and doubting whether everybody on the team got it or not. It provides ease of access to records to a designated team as it is password protected. Every team member may easily tweak changes, update, and notify thanks to cloud computing.

Portable Document Format (PDF)

PDF might be the most underrated tool that came out of technological advancement in team management. Having files in PDF has great benefits. Today, everybody carries mobile phones with them. Converting files into PDF allows easy access through a mobile device. It brings consistency across the documents as it retains a single file format throughout. Allowing comments on the file gives ease of generating opinions amongst team members, as the feature will enable them to correct and offer suggestions.

Providing Consistent Feedback

Annual performance reviews are no more a thing. With instant changes, employers and employees require constant feedback. It may sound tiresome because what if you’re a manager leading a team of 50+ employees? But thanks to technological advancement, you can drop constant feedback forms, conduct surveys, and assessments. The results of these surveys would naturally determine generic feedback as well as specific to the employee.

provide feedback


Another technologically powered feat is videoconferencing. As the term suggests, videoconferencing is a step ahead of telecommunication. Not only would you be able to talk but also see each other. There are various services that allow teams to connect wherever and whenever they want to. This enables the organization to save up on the lost productivity when employees travel. It is also considered a more formal way to conduct virtual meetings.


Ease of Tele-Communication

Efficient telecommunication means ease of access to the Internet. Not only you can share emails but call-in to check if the other person has received the mail or not. You can call to schedule a meeting, checkup on an employee, see if the team is on the same page, and much more. Mobility is telecommunication’s most significant advantage. Regardless of the time zone and place, one can easily participate in the team project.

One part of telecommunication is also conference calls. The employer can ask the telecommunication service provider to set up a conference call feature, and all team members can participate in a single conversation.

Added File Security

There is no denying that technology has enhanced security features for everybody in every way. Under team management, now your files are secure to your department or secluded team. You can restrict editing on the document and share it with your colleagues. As well as protect confidential business data and documents that are specific to your team. Now you don’t need to worry if confidential documents might fall in the wrong hands as it would have limited access control.


Also, hacking has become a colossal trajectory for workplaces. It hinders growth and puts unnecessary pressure on employees about their work. That’s why we need antivirus software to shield our data from potential virus attacks. Many companies opt for strong anti-virus software that will protect data from malware, spam and other computer viruses. Therefore, it is better to hack-proof your files with a strong anti-virus software beforehand than to risk getting your data stolen.

Bottom Line

As Spider-Man popularized that “with great power comes great responsibility,” it applies to technology as well. The power given to us due to technology can be easily misused. But when put to good use, reap profitable results.

Claudia Jeffrey
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