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Small Business Marketing: 3 Ways To Increase Conversion Rates

Ryan Holman guest
Jul 26, 2018

Every big name business or a famous brand was a small a business once. If you have started just, you must know that there is a number of things you would need to do. You would need to make certain significant changes or strategies in order to increase the conversion. It depends a lot on what type of your business is, what is your targeted audience, what are the resources etc.

The most basic strategy is to set and visualize the funnel stages for sales which can be described as following:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Preference
  4. Purchase
  5. Loyalty
  6. Advocacy

The closer you look, the clearer picture you get to see. Any business thrives on its customers and thus, it is crucial to increase the conversion rates. Some of the things you must remember and work towards are given as below:

– First, attract the community that is unaware of your business but in need of it.

– Engage the people who know about your business

– Educate them to commit and buy the product or the services

– Your next task is to convert engaged community into customers

– Remember your core goal of the business and your loyal customers to maintain the quality factor of your business

Out of everything, the basic and most important action you should take is to attract the community. Rest of the things follow naturally. If your small business marketing is right, the community would come back to approach you. How to do it right?

Here are four easy methods you can implement to increase conversion rates and improve your small business marketing:

small business marketing

1) Blogging

The era of internet advancement has highly influenced the marketing world. Everyone is constantly glued to either a cell phone or a laptop to know what is new. However, often times, just like you are unaware of your every neighbor, people are unknown to the existence of your business. How to preach?

Blogging is the key advantage of internet marketing when you need a market to show off your product or a service. It is not that hard and does not cost you a fortune. Just take a topic and write whatever you like related to your business. You would also need to ensure that it reaches to the maximum audience.

You can also go for Guest Post to fetch some traffic on your website form some of the well-known sites. Once your blogs are getting published on a regular basis, your website has a higher chance to be found in search engine.

small business marketing

2) Networking on social media platforms

Admit it, you might not use Google search engine as much as you do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Social media platforms are widely used across the globe and can create the best network in a market your business needs to show up.

Most of the customers would rely on a source found on a social network. You publish a blog and no would know about it or visit it but, you put its link on one of the social media pages and see how many visits you get. Keep in mind that you have greater chances of meeting your customers on Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest.

Your presence on social stages builds trust among the customers or in a newly visiting community. Keeping the pages updated and communicating with people would grow faith in your product or services. So, try to make it as strong as possible by keeping it interactive.

3) PPC – Pay Per Click Campaigns

It is the best option when it comes to internet marketing. There are several websites that have a great number of visitors. If you put an advertisement there, there are possibilities visitors click on it for more information.

It is in your favor as you get to pay only per the number of clicks. PPC campaigns are hugely helpful in order to drive traffic to landing pages. By that, you would also be able to capture the email address of the prospect.

Along with these simple tips, do not forget to make your emails interactive when it comes to communicating with your customers. Keep the engagement on to make them coming back again and again. You can consider money-saving online coupon websites to buy WordPress themes in an affordable way.

4) Use a collaboration platform

Managing a marketing team using just email can be chaos. You need an organized collaboration platform where you can communicate with your team, manage tasks and projects, share files and keep track of all of the different campaigns you are working on. One tool that is particularly good for marketing teams is Hibox. This collaboration platform built for small creative teams allows you to organize your work flows by campaigns, assign tasks and due dates to specific team members and make sure everything gets done on time across all your campaigns. Stop relying on email and make sure your team is as productive as you can be.

Share feedback, buy new fascinating themes and software to keep up the marketing plans and their performance. Small actions would lead to bigger achievements by generating higher conversion rates.



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