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With Hibox, task management is simple, easy-to-use and trackable. Assign tasks to different users and divide your projects efficiently. Free, easy and secure.With Hibox, task management is simple, easy-to-use and trackable. Assign tasks to different users and divide your projects efficiently. Free, easy and secure.

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Task management tool

Hibox allows you to create a task from any stream or chat with one click. You can then assign someone and even set a due date. This saves precious time in your day which you can use to focus on projects!

Set Due Dates and Never Miss A Deadline

You can set specific due dates and times for each task with any size team. For tasks you complete on a consistent basis, such as payrolls or sending out a newsletter, you can set a recurring due date and that task will automatically re-assign itself.

Assign To Users and Sort By Priority

You can assign tasks to different users and keep them organized by priority in your task list by simply dragging and dropping tasks up or down on the list. One glance at your priority-organized task list will let you know exactly what you should be working on.

Task Templates

With our new feature on Hibox, you can combine a range of tasks to make it easier to duplicate the ones that you complete frequently, like contacting leads or even onboarding new clients. The ability to create task templates saves you time and increases your productivity.

Divide and Conquer with Subtasks

For long-term projects or more complicated tasks, you can break up a task with subtasks. You can even assign each individual subtask to different users with different due dates. This the perfect way to delegate group work and ensure everything comes together on time.

Time Tracking

With the Play / Pause button on our time tracking feature you can measure the specific amount of time spent on each task. Organize your team’s schedule based on the time you predict projects will take, which means better task management, increased productivity and happier employees!

Personal tasks

Stop using dozens of scattered post-it notes, and start managing your personal to-dos all in the same place. You can build a personal to do list that is private to you and can’t be seen by the rest of the team. They are perfect for any task – work related too – that you want to keep private.

Notifications and Reminders

Your team’s tasks can be overwhelming. It’s easy to let due dates slide and the little things to go unchecked. Hibox will keep you on your feet with reminder notifications when a task is soon to be due, or is overdue. Even if not everyone is checking, Hibox will let you know!

Search and Filter Tasks

Finding tasks is almost too easy. You can search by project stream, due date or even assignee. You can take a look at what you and your team have accomplished by filtering by ‘recently completed’. It’s a quick way to get a look at what’s done, as well as what’s coming up soon across various projects!

Plan Ahead with Calendar View

View all of your tasks in a convenient timeline with our team project calendar. You can assign tasks in calendar view as well. It’s perfect for planning out long term projects and spreading out your team’s workload.

Task Management on the Go

Use Hibox at the office or on the go with our mobile app for iOS and Android. You can have all your documents on your smartphone, chat with your team, and work on projects anytime! 

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