Advanced task management

Tasks with Hibox are actionable and trackable. You can assign task to different users within the same streams and you can divide your projects with ease.

Set due dates and never miss a deadline

You can set specific due dates and times for tasks to make sure everything is running according to schedule with any size team. For tasks you do on a consistent basis like payroll or sending out a newsletter, you can set a recurring due date and that task will automatically re-assign itself so you’ll never forget.

Assign to users and sort by priority

You can assign tasks to different users and keep them organized by priority in your task list by simply dragging and dropping tasks up or down to keep your team focused on what’s most important. One glance at your priority-organized task list will let you know exactly what you should be working on.

Divide and conquer with subtasks

For long term projects or more complicated tasks, you can break up a task with subtasks. You can assign each separate subtasks to different users with different due dates. This the perfect way to delegate group work and make sure all the parts are coming together on time.

Notifications and reminders

Your team’s tasks can be overwhelming. It’s easy to let due dates slide and the little things to go unchecked. Hibox will keep you in the loop with reminder notifications when a task is about to be due or is overdue. Even if not everyone is checking, Hibox will give the heads up!

Track tasks with Search & Filter

Finding tasks is too easy. Just search by project stream or by due date or which user it’s assigned to. You’ll never lose track of a task again. You can take a look at what you and your team have accomplished by filtering by recently completed. It’s a quick way to get a look at what’s done and what’s coming up soon across various projects!

Plan ahead with calendar view

View all of your tasks in a convenient time line with Calendar View. Any tasks on your streams’ task lists will appear color coded on their due date for a quick visual view of what’s coming up. You can assign tasks right in Calendar View as well. It’s perfect for planning out long term projects and spreading out your team’s workload.

Upgrade from “to-do list” to personal tasks

Stop using post-it notes and start putting your personal to-dos in the same convenient place. You can build a personal task list that is private to you and can’t be seen by the rest of the team. They are perfect for any task – work related or personal – that you want to keep private.

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