The Ultimate Tool to Track Work

Create and move projects forward with Hibox. The easiest way for teams to track work and get great results. Easy, fast, and effective.


Track Work from Start to Finish

With Hibox you can create and assign tasks in any project. Work collaboratively with your team and improve your project management. Keep your work trackable and get more done.

Instant Communication

Use our company chat and group video chat to keep track of your coworkers. Send files, documents, and pictures to ensure maximum collaboration. Coordinating and tracking your work has never been this easy.

Integrate External Apps

Hibox enables you to integrate Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Gmail and email into its platform. You can easily share files and emails with your entire team and keep all your information in one place. Make your documents fully editable and accessible to anyone at any time, to ensure maximum tracking of your work.

Track Your Work Through Our Calendar

Get a visual representation of the timeline of your work with our project calendar and access tasks, files and streams easily. Track the progress of short and long term projects and manage them your way!

Time Tracking

Measure the time spent on each task by using Hibox’s time-tracking feature. This will help you organize your time better for future similar tasks and boost your overall productivity.

Meet More Deadlines

Set a realistic due date for each task to track your work better. This will help you organize your time better, prioritize your workload and have a better overview of your current projects.

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