Time tracking for your tasks

Time tracking for your tasks and projects. Keep track of real time spent on projects and boost overall productivity.

Time tracking

Measure the specific amount of time spent on each task. All you have to do is just press the play button and the time will start ticking. Pause at any time and resume whenever you start working again. It’s that easy.

Organize your team’s schedule

Based on the time you spent on each task, you will be able to predict how long tasks will take and better plan project in the future. Combine with our project calendar for ultimate control. Perfect for working efficiently with your team!

Generate time tracking reports

Export all your task data to Excel so you can analyze where your team is spending the most time and optimize all your business processes. Export how much time was spent on each task and filter by project and user to get powerful insights.

Better task management with time tracking

Improve your team’s task management by time tracking different tasks and projects. Get a clearer overview of the entire workflow and plan ahead of time better. See where your employees are spending their time and improve the way you work together.

Increased productivity

Know the time it takes to complete your tasks and prioritize your workload effectively. Your team will increase their efficiency and be more aware of their work.

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