The Ultimate Team Communication Platform

Team communication has never been this easy. Create different groups, organize your work and chat in a secure and private platform.

Chat With Your Team

Create streams and use the company chat to message groups or individuals. Improve your team’s communication and start collaborating in real-time with Hibox. This way you will always keep your team connected, motivated and engaged.

Organize Your Team Communication

Organize your work according to each stream. Create groups based on projects or functional areas, and invite appropriate team members to join. This will enable you to send relevant updates and create a smooth flow of communication.

Share Anything

Send files, documents and pictures in any chat. Everything will automatically be stored in that stream, helping you avoid losing or duplicating work. File sharing made easy.

Engage Your Team

Make your conversations more impactful. Send GIFs and emojis to your co-workers to express yourself better. A small but effective way to step up your communication.

Team Communication with Video Chat

Out of the office and quickly need to go over a project with your co-workers? Don’t worry. With our group video chat feature, you can work from anywhere, at any time. No plugins or downloads are required – just that easy!

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