State-of-the-art data security

With Hibox, task management is simple, easy-to-use and trackable. Assign tasks to different users and divide your projects efficiently. Fast, easy and secure.


Hibox features 128-bit encryption, guaranteeing privacy and security for everything you send. All your internal messages, shared files are encrypted so you can safely share sensitive data.

Allocate User Security Profiles

Choose unique security profiles for all members of the team. Decide how much access each team member has and allocate the appropriate level of access for each person to make sure you’re keeping things safe.

Security audit log

With the Enterprise plan, Hibox features an audit log that allows Admins to review all conversations and activities on the account. Admins can filter by date, IP address, group and more to have total control over their account.

Your Data is Backed Up and Secure

All sensitive data is encrypted and backed up. You’ll never have to worry about losing important messages or shared files ever again with the secure Hibox server.

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