Work from your mobile anywhere, anytime

With Hibox support on tablet and mobile, you’ll never miss an important message, notification or fail to tick off a task ever again - available on Android and iOS.

Work on the go with mobile

Bring your work with you anywhere, anytime with mobile. Know the time it takes to complete your tasks and prioritize your workload effectively. This way your team will increase their efficiency and be more aware of their work. Available on Android and iOS.

Chat on Mobile with Co-workers

Through our company chat, you will be able to instantly communicate with your team regardless of your location. Stay connected on your mobile and chat in a secure, private messaging platform made for business.

Mobile App for Tasks

Using Hibox on your mobile allows you to better organize your team. You can create tasks, assign them to different people, and set due dates. Easy and fast for you to do with just one click!

Engage your team with mobile

Be involved actively with your team in real-time. Access all your files no matter where you are and share files through your chat streams. Hibox lets your team work and collaborate entirely on one platform.

Chat With Your Team

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