Integrate Dropbox With Hibox

With Dropbox integrated into Hibox, bring all of your files together in one central place and collaborate like never before. Easy, quick and effective.

Collaborate With Dropbox

Reduce busy work and access everything you need anytime, anywhere. With dropbox you will always have your files on-hand. Nothing will ever go missing and you will save time working on your project management.

Dropbox + Hibox

Get started by signing into your Dropbox account and connect it to Hibox. Start collaborating with your team by sharing your files and keeping your team connected. Everything you do will be stored and accessed easily.

Share Files With Your Team

Never lose or duplicate important files ever again. In each chat stream you are able to share and store documents to your team. All you have to do is click on the “plus” button, choose “Dropbox” and share desired files with your team.

Attach Files to Tasks With Dropbox

Have an instant visual view of your attachments. When you create a task you can directly attach a document from your Dropbox to it. The person assigned to the task then will see your file in the task details. Keep your work organized and boost your team’s productivity.

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