External integrations for your favorite apps

Your favorite external integrations combined onto one main platform! Sharing documents from Google Drive and Dropbox is only a click away. Fast, easy, and secure.

Integrate Any Document with Google Drive

With Google Drive integrated into Hibox, you can share all types of documents with your team in real-time – photos, stories, recordings, excel sheets, reports, videos, and more. You, and your team, can use it to work on projects whenever and wherever you want.

Synchronize with Dropbox

Back up your files to your computer, or view them from your phone wherever you are. The files stored in Dropbox are synchronized automatically on all your devices. You can easily manage your photos or videos, collaborate on your presentations, restore a deleted file at any time, and more!

Work Faster with Box

Box not only allows you to share files securely but also to create, edit and revise documents with other people in real-time, anywhere, and from any device. The Box integration on Hibox helps you work smarter and faster than ever before.

Stay Updated with Email Integration

The email integration on Hibox allows you to receive notifications from any of your favorite apps on the platform! This feature helps you to always stay aware and be on top of your professional and personal life.

External Integrations Coming Soon

Hibox is always looking to add cool new features and external integrations – Google & Outlook Calendars, and custom built-in integrations for scheduling, invoicing, LMS, CRM, HR and more – to help with your team’s collaboration and productivity and to make your lives easier. So stay tuned because we have tons of new features coming soon!

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