Stone River eLearning Announces Agreement to Buy Hibox Team Communication Software from Joincube Inc.

Peter Doak
Mar 30, 2021

Sheldon, IA, Release: March 30, 2021. 

Stone River eLearning LLC, a provider of online learning platforms and professional training in targeted segments of the consumer and corporate sectors, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to purchase Hibox ( team communication and collaboration software from Joincube Inc. for an undisclosed amount.

Joincube Inc. has developed multiple innovative software products for business communication over the last 8 years. Upon completion of the transaction, Stone River eLearning will continue to expand the reach of Hibox into new markets and territories. It also plans to integrate its own custom learning management system and off-the-shelf eLearning content with Hibox to provide its customers with the ability to communicate, collaborate and learn, all in one platform.

Mark Trego, founder and CEO of Stone River eLearning, said, “We initially became a customer of Hibox to solve the team miscommunication and inefficiency issues inherent in using multiple tools for our entirely remote team. This decision completely changed the way we work, and Hibox was so easy to implement and use that it blew the competition away.”

Trego continued, “We were so impressed with Hibox, in fact, that we approached Mr. Coon to discuss a possible purchase of the product. It turned out to be the right time for both sides and we were able to come to an agreement relatively quickly.”

Joincube Inc is a developer of Software as a Service (SaaS) products relating to business communication, with offices in the USA, Europe and South America. It has several highly successful SaaS products in its portfolio including Beamer, the leading changelog and notification center helping SaaS companies notify users in-app about their latest product updates and get better user feedback.

Spencer Coon, COO of Joincube, said of its decision to sell, “we wanted to find a place where Hibox could continue growing and we think Mark and his team at Stone River eLearning are the perfect candidates to take Hibox to the next level.”

Mariano Rodriguez, CEO of Joincube, added that “Mark’s acquisition of Hibox makes a lot of strategic sense for both sides. This sale will allow us to fully double down on Beamer in our mission to help SaaS companies build better products and close the feedback loop with users. And we are excited to see how StoneRiver improves even further on an already world-class collaboration app.”

David Carroll, Managing Principal at DJC Digital Brokers, who handled the sale said, “Since we represented Joincube, Inc. in the transaction, we decided to experiment by forgoing our usual software tools, including Asana, and instead use the Hibox application to manage the closing of the Hibox sale. We used Hibox to communicate and collaborate with the appropriate stakeholders and manage the many tasks common in a digital asset sale. Hibox has made the process so seamless that we’ve decided to manage future digital asset sales using Hibox.”


Contact info:

Name: Mark Trego

Organization: Stone River eLearning

Address: 916 3rd Avenue, Fusion Building, Sheldon, IA 51201

Phone: +612-201-6433

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