How To Use Storytelling To Increase Your Ranking

Grace Carter guest
Jan 25, 2019

Wondering how to improve your SEO? Have you thought about storytelling?

If you are not sure how exactly can storytelling increase your ranking in Google search results, here are some ways:

Increase Click-Through Rates

Most people just click on the first link when the search results come up, this much is true. However, when you go a bit deeper, you’ll find out that people are not drawn to the first results but to the results from brands that they recognize and trust.

What does storytelling have to do with that?

Well, a lot, actually.

You see, building a brand is all about telling a good story. You start with who you are as a company and what your mission is. For instance Moz is all about helping people with their online marketing. They have created a great story around their company and that’s what made them a trusted brand – in addition to producing valuable, free content. But that’s also a part of their story.

Good storytelling leads to relationship building with your clients and visitors. Because of the story behind and around your brand, people start connecting with you. Then they start preferring your company and brand over the others. This makes them click on your link first and as a result, your click through rates increase.

Decrease Your Bounce Rates

Good storytelling can also decrease your bounce rates – and the how of it is rather obvious. If your story is not good enough, if there is no hook that draws people in, they will leave thus increasing your bounce rates. Even if you don’t have a strong brand yet, a good story with a great hook can help you build that audience.

Because here is the deal – there are so many versions of the same thing online. If you write an article on SEO, for example, you can be sure that there are similar if not the same tips repeated all across the web. However, not all are equally successful.


Well, if you look a little deeper, you’ll see that they are not the same. There is one key difference – storytelling.

“Some websites and some people are dedicated to writing good stories. Dry tips are not helpful. But a story is memorable and has a strong impact on people. This is what keeps people on the page and ultimately decreases your bounce rates which improves SEO,” says Jamie Hall, a SEO expert at Eliteassignmenthelp.

Build Backlinks

Now, this one may not be so obvious. You know that backlinks are great for SEO. But how in the world can storytelling build backlinks?

Here is how – you know how you link to websites and articles you believe in within your articles? Well, with great storytelling, you are building that authority and credibility that people need in order to link to your stories.

Use Tools That Will Help You

Another element of good storytelling and thus SEO is how accurate your articles are. Credibility is in part built by being detail-oriented. This means that you can’t let any grammar or spelling mistakes slip. So, here are some tools that can help you with that:

  • ViaWriting and MyWritingWay are grammar guides that can help you fix all of the grammar mistakes in your content. These deteriorate your credibility and thus your chances of ranking high.
  • Boomessays and Essayroo are online proofreading tools recommended by Essayroo review. These can help you weed out and spelling mistakes that also have a poor effect on your professionalism and credibility.
  • State Of Writing and Studydemic are writing resources that could help you write better stories. They have all kinds of guides and tips that will definitely improve your branding.
  • UKWritings and Academized are editing tools that can help you remove redundancies and repetition from your articles. They are suggested by com. These ruin a good story and it’s a good idea to get rid of them.
  • LetsGoAndLearn and WritingPopulist are content writing blogs which have proven very useful in the past in giving new writers the necessary tools and tips for them to create great content.

Increase Sharing

One of the benefits of storytelling is also sharing. While sharing has no direct impact on your ranking, it’s definitely beneficial as you get more traffic. This also signals to Google that your content has proven helpful to other people and that you are sharing something valuable.

People love sharing things that promote their desired self-image. So, for example, they will share the content that makes them come off as witty, smart, enlightened and so on. This is the kind of content good storytelling creates.

Introduce Diversity Of Traffic

Another perk of storytelling is that it’s universal. Everyone, across the globe will care about your content if it’s well-written and engaging. Google counts this as a plus for your site and they will rank you higher if the traffic coming into your blog is diverse and from all over the world. This means that a lot of people from different cultures like your content and deem it valuable.

Good storytelling will always be important in the online world. It’s universal and it’s how people from across the globe connect with each other. Create great stories with your content and increase your ranking. Hopefully, these tips will help.

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Grace Carter
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