Project calendar for your team

Spot tasks and deadlines easily with our team project calendar. Get a detailed and visual overview of ongoing projects and always know what your team is working on.


Visual Project Calendar

In the calendar you will see what each team member is working on and the expected deadline for various projects. Allowing you to assign new tasks, it lets you to spread out your workload more effectively!

View Tasks by Day, Week or Month

All of your tasks from each stream will appear on a suitable timeline. Depending on how you and your team work, you can choose if you want a daily, weekly or monthly overview. Get your entire scheduled laid out for you – simple and easy.

Color Coded Projects

Each person of your team will represent a different color on the calendar. This lets you to quickly spot who is working on what and get a general idea of the overall progress.

Detailed Project Overview

Get a detailed overview of the project’s characteristics, just by clicking on it. Find out which stream it belongs to, if there are any subtasks, and if it has any document attached to it. Never miss any important updates and stay on top of your project management.

Project Calendar On the Go

With Hibox support on desktop, tablet and mobile, you’ll never forget an important message, miss a notification or fail to tick off a task ever again. Available on PC and Mac and mobile for Android and iOS. We’re here for total collaboration, whichever platform you prefer.

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