Maximize Organization and Productivity

Get your team organization and productivity on track with Hibox. The ultimate all-in-one tool combines task management, company chat and file sharing.

State-of-the-Art Task Management

Organize your team’s projects and tasks with the easy-to-use task management. Create tasks, assign them to different users, set due dates and even track how long they take to complete. Your team will be more organized and productive with their work than ever before!

The Right Files in the Right Place

Never lose or duplicate important files or documents ever again with Hibox’s file sharing. You can share and keep your files in the relevant places and search for them easily, so your team has access to everything.

Have More Brainstorming Sessions

Hibox’s company chat lets you create streams with your teams for departmental brainstorming sessions. Send ideas, share files, and review work efforts. Your team will send instant answers to questions, propose new ideas, and set to work even quicker.

Get Organized with Integrations

Integrate with Google Drive, Box or Dropbox for ultimate organization and productivity. Just sign in and share files straight from your accounts with one click. Send in a chat stream, a personal message or attach to a task. The option is yours!

AI Assistant for an Organized Team

Don’t have time to check up on every little task? Don’t worry – the AI assistant does it for you. Get deadline reminders, notifications from team members and even prompts to turn chat suggestions into tasks.

Fewer Platforms, Less Confusion, More Productivity

Hibox lets your team work and collaborate entirely on one platform. No need for other systems, platforms or even email. Work, message, share, review – all in one place. Save your team time and unnecessary distractions and make their day more productive.

Organization and Productivity on the Go

With Hibox support on desktop, tablet and mobile, you’ll never forget a task, miss a message or risk your productivity just because you’re away from your desk. Available on PC and Mac and mobile for Android and iOS. We’re here for total collaboration, whichever platform you prefer.

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