Integrate Google Drive to Hibox

Make file sharing easy with your coworkers. Share any document from your Google Drive account, no matter where you are.

Organize Your Stuff in Google Drive

Store your photos, excel sheets, documents, and much more in Google Drive. Back up all your files and share large files with your team. Use Google Drive’s simultaneous editing feature to collaborate on the same document in real-time.

Create Shared Documents

One of the advantages of Google Drive is that multiple users can edit your documents simultaneously. You’ll always have the latest version in the cloud—this is the perfect type of document for collaborating at work.

Google Drive + Hibox

Sign into your Google account and connect it to Hibox. This way you can share your files in different streams and attach them to different tasks. Your team will always be connected and updated with their work.

Share Files In Different Streams

Go into any company chat stream and share your files instantly. All you have to do is click on the “plus” icon, choose “Google Drive” and decide which file you want to share with your team. An easy and fast way for you and your team to improve your project management.

Attach Files to Tasks

If you create a task you can directly attach a drive document to it. This way the person assigned to the task will easily find the document and will be able to access it straight away.

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