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Interview with Alan Lepofsky: AI and the future of the workplace

We Spoke with Silicon Valley’s Constellation Research VP Alan Lepofsky on AI and the Future of the Workplace: […]

Mariano Rodríguez Colombelli
Jun 19, 2017

4 simple tips to improve your workspace for better concentration

I have a home office that I could just never seem to get anything done at. It was […]

Sophia Ellis
May 23, 2017

Working at Hibox: my internship experience in a tech startup in Barcelona

Playa, sol y tapas! I made the experience to work in a city, where others spend their holidays! […]

Tobias Densborn
May 03, 2017

Expert tips to guarantee excellent project management

Project management can be messy. It’s the very human part of business there’s no real science to. It’s […]

Spencer Coon
Apr 20, 2017

How to avoid the three biggest productivity killers at work

Just because you are at work, it doesn’t mean you’re getting work done! Who isn’t familiar with the […]

Spencer Coon
Apr 14, 2017

How to combat your biggest distractions at work

There are some days I think to myself “there’s just not enough hours in my day”. Then this […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 13, 2017

3 ways to fix your time management problems

You can download all the productivity apps and set all the reminders you want. However, if you don’t […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 09, 2017

5 simple yet powerful team building ideas for employees

Managing our fast-growing company in the very multicultural city of Barcelona has forced us to be quite creative […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 03, 2017

5 key morning routine tricks for better productivity

What we think, eat, and do in the short span of time between waking up and beginning our […]

Sophia Ellis
Mar 19, 2017

5 simple ways you can improve your work environment

As Vicente del Bosque says “a good player wins a match, but a good team wins five.” This […]

Sophia Ellis
Feb 20, 2017