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How Modern Lantern used Hibox to increase sales

For small businesses, growth is expensive and risky. It’s a big burden to take on more fixed costs […]

Sophia Ellis
Jun 14, 2017

How to improve business productivity

Productivity is such a buzz word right now yet is so vague in it’s meaning. It’s often repeated […]

Mariano Rodríguez Colombelli
Jun 02, 2017

How to use business chat tools to improve communication

If you’re team is still playing phone and email tag, you could be losing more than a few […]

Spencer Coon
Jun 02, 2017

The best method for organizing an email campaign

When I first started organizing the first “email campaign”, it was a hot mess. An email campaign was […]

Sophia Ellis
Jun 02, 2017

How to craft your perfect cold lead email

I think the biggest challenge of any marketing or sales team is the cold lead email pitch. Whether […]

Mariano Rodríguez Colombelli
May 09, 2017

How to use online team building to boost productivity

When you really look at it, most teams are remote nowadays. Even if you work in the same […]

Sophia Ellis
May 08, 2017

Working at Hibox: my internship experience in a tech startup in Barcelona

Playa, sol y tapas! I made the experience to work in a city, where others spend their holidays! […]

Tobias Densborn
May 03, 2017

Leadership styles of the most successful managers

Like anything people related, managing is emotional, unscientific, and highly subjective. Becoming an successful manager is something that […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 24, 2017

5 simple yet powerful team building ideas for employees

Managing our fast-growing company in the very multicultural city of Barcelona has forced us to be quite creative […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 03, 2017

Business chat is dead. Here’s how we fixed it.

The workplace has officially gone social and it’s forever changed how we work. In some ways, it’s been […]

Spencer Coon
Mar 07, 2017