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Leadership Styles of the Most Successful Managers

Like anything people related, managing is emotional, unscientific, and highly subjective. Becoming an successful manager is something that […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 24, 2017

5 Simple Yet Powerful Team Building Ideas For Employees

Managing our fast-growing company in the very multicultural city of Barcelona has forced us to be quite creative […]

Sophia Ellis
Apr 03, 2017

Business Communication Is Dead. Here’s How We Fixed It.

The workplace has officially gone social and it’s forever changed how we work. In some ways, it’s been […]

Sophia Ellis
Mar 07, 2017

5 Tools and Tricks to Help You Manage Email:

Just writing this, I’m very likely getting another distracting email notification. Whether it’s an annoying “ding” or a […]

Sophia Ellis
Jan 20, 2017