Manage B2B sales with Hibox

How to manage B2B sales with Hibox

Mark Trego
Nov 09, 2017

If you’re a small B2B sales team, you know how difficult it can be to stay on top of all of your potential clients in an organized and efficient way. Sometimes it feels like everyone’s work is overlapping and other times it feels like you’re spread too thin. With better planning and a more cohesive way to work together, your team could become a sales-closing machine.

Hibox aims to give your team everything you need to work together on sales just as if you were working in the same room, discussing all calls, emails, and customers together. The more organized your process, the better your communication, and the more productive your team are with all tasks, the better your numbers will be each month.

Here’s how sales teams right now are using Hibox to improve B2B sales together.

Have a B2B sales focused, consistent group conversation

Stop using email to coordinate who is pursuing what leads and manage your sales process. Use group chat to coordinate and communicate as a team so nothing ever goes missed. Everyone can stay in the loop easily in one stream rather than segregated email threads. Set up a “Sales” stream in Hibox and add only sales team members to keep the conversation focused. You can brainstorm new cold email ideas, discuss approaches to different customers, and share your progress together in one feed. All messages your team send are saved, so you can scroll back or search your history anytime to go back to a message. Nothing is ever lost!

Manage B2B sales with specific chat streams

Use task management to make sure you follow-up with your B2B sales 

Task management is already integrated into your team’s sales chat stream, so you can not only have constructive brainstorming sessions and discuss your strategy for clients, but assign tasks to get it done. You can create streams for Billing, Proposals, Demos, Support and more to keep track of all the tasks for each aspect of the sales cycle.You can make a task, assign it to a specific member of your team, and set a due date and time right from a message. No small details discussed go missing like they do in email where it’s easy to forget follow ups and other little tasks that make a huge difference in how your team perform with potential customers.

Use task management to manage B2B sales

You can also use tasks to build a “checklist” for each client that your team can work together on to make sure every customer gets the same experience, such as an intro email, a call, a follow-up, a special offer, etc. You can assign members of your team to different leads so the workload is evenly distributed.

Manage B2B sales with Hibox

Use subtasks to manage B2B sales

Communicate directly with clients as a team

There’s a huge secret weapon for your B2B sales team in Hibox: adding external users. You can invite your biggest clients or potential clients to “join” your Hibox team in a stream made just for them. Here they can chat with you, share files, and see what tasks your team is working on for them. The best customer service is your greatest sales tool. There is no better PR than having excellent communication, transparency, and effort with customers. Hibox makes customer service simple. This is a great tool to show a lead exactly what your team will be able to offer if you’re a service-based company.  

Use customer service to manage B2B sales

Effortlessly keep all B2B sales data updated and available in the same place

No more having multiple versions of spreadsheet and files floating around different email threads. Everyone will have access to all of the data they need right from your chat stream in Hibox. This is perfect for sharing updated customer information spreadsheets, lead lists, and sharing your best sales materials for everyone to benefit from. Inconsistency in sales or not using customer data effectively is what keeps many sales teams from reaching their full potential.

Manage B2B sales with organized files and data

It won’t take a ton of effort to move your team to an all-in-one solution. All of the tools discussed here are already built into Hibox. You just need one account to be on your way to an organized B2B sales system and out-performing yourselves each month. Try Hibox for free with your team today.

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