File Sharing Made Easy

With our external integrations your team will always have the latest version of a project in real-time! No downloads or outside platforms required.  Free, easy and secure.

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Preview Documents For Easy Viewing

It’s simple to find the exact file you’re looking for. We took the guess work out! In any file list, when you click on a file, a small file preview will be visible so you can tell which is which before downloading or opening. This works for any file type: doc, PDF, spreadsheets, and more!

File comments

Another useful feature concerning the file sharing is file comments! You can comment and attach what you want to a document! Thanks to that, you can improve your documents and all their different versions!

Fully Searchable History

All conversations and files shared in Hibox are saved and searchable for Admins. You can search directly in a stream or across all streams by dates and keywords to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. No more rummaging through email chains and outdated folders!

Share All Types of Documents

You can share all types of documents – PDF, videos, photos, Excel sheets, documents and folders – with Hibox’s integrated file sharing feature. Use Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box to share all external documents quickly and efficiently with your team!

Recent Files View

In the files section you have an overview of all the documents that have been shared every stream.You can also filter your search to find your document faster! You can see the owner of the file, the submission date, the type and the stream. Furthermore, each stream has a file list that keeps track of the latest versions of all files sent to your team.

File View in Chat

In a private or group chat you can find all the files shared in this stream. You can even use our external integrations like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box to share your documents in real time


Work Anywhere on Mobile!

Use Hibox at the office or on the go with our app for iOS and Android. You can have all your documents on your smartphone, chat with your team, and work on projects anytime! 

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