File Sharing Made Easy

Share and collaborate on files together as a team. Use integrations for the file-sharing tools you already love to send files right in your streams. Your team will always have the latest versions!

Get the latest versions of all your work

Losing files in chains of email and endless desktop folders is a productivity killer. In Hibox, each stream has a file list that keeps track of the latest versions of all files sent to your team. To narrow down and organize your list, filter by file owner, stream, date, and file type. 

Quick access to your team's files

Get the latest version of your team’s work in a glance. For a quick way to find recent files sent, use the recent file list available to each stream. Everyone has instant access to the updated versions. Files are organized by group so you can see easily what each of your teams are working on.

Preview documents for easy viewing

It’s simple to find the exact file you’re looking for. We took the guess work out! In any file list, when you click on a file, a small file preview will be visible so you can tell which is which before downloading or opening. This works for any file type: doc, PDF, spreadsheets, and more!

Integrate your favorite apps

Set up external integrations with the apps you love so you can finally keep all your important business information in the same place, instantly searchable and always accessible. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box integrations make sharing files with your team simple.

Try it for free and change the way you work