Tareas Personales y en Equipo

Las tareas en equipo te servirán para coordinar proyectos completos, agendar recordatorios, citas, pendientes y más. No pierdas de vista tus tareas con nuesta integración con Calendarios. Agrega docuemtos importates para cada tarea y asíganlas a equipos o personas individualmente.

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Mobile App for Tasks

Using Hibox on your mobile allows you to better organize your team. You can create tasks, assign them to different people, and set due dates. Easy and fast for you to do with just one click!

Customizing Tasks

You can attach photos, links or documents to any task thanks to our integrated platform. This enables you to have all of your work in one place. You can also add comments to the task as well as descriptions to make sure everything is well-thought out and organized. Add a hashtag to the task to create a common thread among that topic!

Meet More Deadlines

Set a realistic due date for each task to track your work better. This will help you organize your time better, prioritize your workload and have a better overview of your current projects.

Divide and Conquer with Subtasks

For long-term projects or more complicated tasks, you can break up a task with subtasks. You can even assign each individual subtask to different users with different due dates. This the perfect way to delegate group work and ensure everything comes together on time.

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