Internal chat for companies

Ban disconnected and outdated email and get your whole team collaborating real-time with team chat. In Hibox, Chat is finally actionable and it’s easy to turn collaboration into trackable results.

Modern and visual chat

Hibox chat is modern and visual with all the features you love from personal chat apps. Work communication is no longer boring. Share GIFs and emojis with co-workers to express yourself like you’re right there with them.  

Easily quote messages

Hibox chat is dynamic and intuitive for collaboration and organized conversation. You can “quote” a message by simply dragging and dropping to add your own commentary. You can drag quoted messages to other streams to share them with different teams as well.

Artificial intelligence virtual assistant

Hibox utilizes an AI “personal assistant” to help make chat actionable. Hibox automatically assigns smart tasks from your messages right in your project stream and helps you manage your teams more efficiently using machine learning and natural language processing.

Fully searchable history

All conversations and files shared in Hibox are saved and searchable for Admins. You can search directly in a stream or across all streams by dates and keywords to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. No more rummaging through email chains and outdated folders!