Chat para negocios

Usa nuestro chat privado para negocios y podrás dar seguimiento a tareas y proyectos. Comparte tus archivos de manera fácil y organizada. Asigna tareas y recordatorios a cada miembro o por equipos. Crea grupos y salas de chat privados o públicos de manera ilimitada y facilita a tus empleados un espacio exclusivo para el trabajo incremtando así la productividad de tu empreso o negocio. Convierte una conversación de chat en tarea en un click, o pasa de un chat a una videollamada en segundos. Aumenta la productividad y privacidad para tu negocio hoy mismo.

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Company Chat For Your Team

Hibox’s company chat is modern and visual with all the features you love from your daily apps. Share GIFs and emojis with co-workers to express yourself! You can even mention people in comments by typing ‘@’ and then their name. Use hashtags to create discussions that you can also see in the search and filter box! 

Private and Group Conversations

Our internal chatting feature is perfect for when you need to chat with someone privately, or if you have a file you need to share with a group of people but you don’t want to spam one of your streams!

Easily Quote Messages

Hibox chat is dynamic and intuitive when it comes to collaboration and organized conversations. You can quote a message by simply dragging and dropping to add your own commentary. You can drag quoted messages to other streams to share them with different teams as well!

Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Hibox utilizes an AI ‘personal assistant’ to help make chat actionable. Based on patterns in your messages, it automatically suggests actions you can take, like assigning a task. Basically, it does the work for you!

Notification Center

Check out the notification center on the top left of Hibox to see a history of everything that you have been mentioned in, to see who ‘liked’ your message, or even a reminder if a task is due soon!

External Integrations Coming Soon

Hibox is always looking to add cool new features and external integrations – Google & Outlook Calendars, and custom built-in integrations for scheduling, invoicing, LMS, CRM, HR and more – to help with your team’s collaboration and productivity and to make your lives easier. So stay tuned because we have tons of new features coming soon!

Mention Your Team Members

In any stream you can mention specific colleagues in order to get their attention within a group conversation. The person you mention will be sent a special notification to make sure they see whatever important information you are sharing.

Company Chat On the Go

Use Hibox at the office or on the go with our mobile app for iOS and Android. You can have all your documents on your mobile smartphone, chat with your team, and work on projects anytime!

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