How to use our task management tool?

There are two ways to create tasks: (1) from any stream and (2) from the tasks view.

Creating from streams

To create a task from a stream simply click on the “+” button and then on “Task”. Then simply type the task you want to assign to that stream. If you want to add more details such as due date, priority or assign to a specific user go to the “Task” view by clicking on the task you just created. You can also click on “See all tasks”.

TIP: For a time saving shortcut you can just type “/task” in the chat message box instead of clicking on the “+”. Just type your task and hit “Enter”.

Creating from tasks view

To create a task from the tasks view simply click on “Tasks” on the lefthand sidebar.

By default all incomplete tasks will appear for all streams. You can use the filter upper right to just show tasks for a specific stream.

To create a task just click on “+ Add new task…” below the list of incomplete tasks. Type the task you want to create and hit Enter.

You can then add more details like:

  • Due date: click the calendar icon on the righthand side of the task
  • Assign to users: click the “+” with the dashed circle around it to the left of the task
  • Change order of priority: click on the number to the left of the task and drag to new location

How to add task description, comments and attachments

Click on a task and a panel will appear on the lefthand side. You can add a description as well as view a log of all changes made for that task.

You can also add comments on the bottom of this same side panel. Click on “ATTACH” to add documents or images to any comment.

How to create subtasks

Subtasks can be used to divide bigger or more general tasks into smaller more actionable parts. These subtasks can be assigned to users and given a specific due date.

Just click on “+ Add a subtask”, type the task you want to create and hit Enter.

How to create recurring tasks

You can create recurring tasks by clicking on the calendar icon on the righthand side of tasks. Tasks can be set to repeat automatically either daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Whenever recurring tasks are marked as completed the a task with the next due date is automatically generated according to the recurring time period chosen.

Closing tasks

To mark tasks as completed users simply need to click the checkbox on the lefthand side of the task. All members of that stream will receive a notification showing that the task has been marked as completed.

The creator of the task will have the option to reopen the task if upon review the task was not actually completed.

Deleting tasks

To delete a task simply click on the task from the task view and then click on “Delete” in the righthand panel.

Editing permissions

You can control which users have permission to edit tasks from “Security”. You can make it so that certain groups of users do not have the ability to edit tasks.

In “Security” just make sure that any user role that you want to be able to edit tasks has the “Edit all tasks” option checked.