How to start a videoconference?

You can start a group or private videoconference with a simple click. For private videoconferences simple go your private message stream with the user you want to join your videoconference and click on the camera icon upper right.

The other user will first need to answer the call by clicking on the green checkmark in the incoming call popup. A new window will open with the live videoconference.

The other user’s browser may ask for permission to access the computer’s camera. In this case the user just needs to click “Allow” when prompted.

You can also start a group videoconference by clicking on any stream and then clicking on the camera icon in the upper righthand part of the screen.

All online members of that stream will receive an incoming call popup that will give them the option to join the videoconference.

Whenever a video call is in progress the camera icon will turn green and will indicate that there is a videoconference currently going on in this stream. Users who were not online at the time the call was made or who were disconnected can click on this icon to instantly join the call.

While in videoconference mode you can mute your voice or turn off video with the icons indicated below. When you click an icon it will turn red to indicate that it is disabled. In the image below video is disabled.

Videoconferencing Icons (ENG)

You can also open the chat stream to continue sending messages and sharing files and tasks while you are in the videoconference.

IMPORTANT: For the time being videoconferencing is only compatible with Chrome and Firefox. If you are not able to use either of those two browsers you can download our desktop app for Windows or Mac.