How to integrate external applications?

You can integrate your Hibox account with a variety of external applications including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and email.

Simply click on your name and then “Integrations”.  Click on “Activate” for the external app you’d like to integrate. The page will automatically be refreshed and a new option will appear on the popup menu of attachments you can add to messages.

Once you have integrated a file sharing app like Dropbox or Google Drive it is very easy to share your external files in streams in Hibox. Just click on the “+” and select “Dropbox” or “Google Drive”. Then just enter your username and password for the external account and select the file you would like to share.

Note: If you are already logged into your Dropbox or Google Drive account you won’t need to enter your login information again.

For the integration with email click on the “Settings” icon next to “Activate”. Here you can see a list of the custom email addresses associated with each stream in your account.

All emails sent to these accounts will be automatically posted in the corresponding stream. You also have the option restrict who is allowed to post emails to streams.

Simply put the email addresses of the people you want to be able to post emails to streams in the box below the list of streams (separated by semicolons) and click “Save”.