How to create user roles?

In the same “Users” area where you invited the rest of your team you can designate user roles.

Next to each user there is a drop down list where you can designate users as Administrator, Manager, Basic and External.

Tip: There is no need to click save, the change is finalized once you select a new role.

Assign User Roles (ENG)

You can personalize the permissions that each of these roles has in your Hibox account.

Simply click on your name in the upper left corner and then on “Security”.

Here you can enable or disable permissions for user roles (ex. make it so that Basic users can’t create groups). Just make sure all the permissions you want enabled for each user group are marked with a check.

You can use the External user role to work on projects with your clients, suppliers and any other external collaborators that are important to your business. External users will not be able to see or chat with other external users.

You can choose which groups of internal users they are allowed to see and interact with. Just click the groups you want them to be able to see and chat with in “Interact with External”.

For example, if you don’t want External users to be able to see “Basic” users in the list of people to chat with just make sure that “Interact with External” is not checked under the “Basic” role.

Interact with External (ENG)