How to create and use streams?

Streams can be used to organize your team in groups, usually either by company area (Finance, Marketing, HR, etc) or by project. You can share messages and documents with streams and use streams to coordinate tasks with your team.

On the lefthand sidebar click on the button “+ Create a stream”.

In the popup that opens on the righthand side of the screen type the name of the stream, subject (optional) and choose if you want the stream to be private.

Private streams can only be seen by the users you specifically invite to them. If not marked as private any user can request to join the stream.

Then just click the red “Create” button.

Invite users to be members of the stream you just created by clicking on the “+” button next to each user’s name.

You can designate other users as Stream Administrators by checking the box “Stream admin” under each user’s name.

Stream Administrators will be able to add other users to the group and change stream name.

To edit any stream simply click on the stream name on the lefthand sidebar and click on the arrow that appears next to the stream name at the top of the page. You have several options that let you rename the stream, add more members and turn off notifications. You must be an Admin of a stream to be able to edit.