Hibox for Task and Project Management

Stop using email to manage your team's tasks and projects. Help your team increase productivity and track progress better than ever.

By using Hibox for task and project management, you’ll be able to:

  • Break large projects into manageable parts for your team
  • Assign tasks to users, set due dates and get notifications
  • Keep all tasks, communication, files and reminders in the same place for each project
  • See all progress and collaborate real-time no matter where you are

Here’s a quick guide to managing tasks with Hibox:  

1. Create projects or groups to organize your tasks: 

One of the most basic features you can use to organize projects is streams.

Streams are individual chat groups with a specific focus. As a project manager, it’s easy to create a stream for each major project your team is working on. Some examples are new marketing campaign or new cost reduction initiative. Once you have your specific project streams, you can invite only the users involved. This project stream, it’s tasks, and shared files will be private from any other users not invited.

Hibox for task management, Hibox for project management

Cordless lighting company Modern Lantern set up a specific stream for the development of their new outdoor Cordless lamp line. They’ve invited all employees involved in planning and executing the launch.
Hibox for task management, Hibox for project management

Each stream has a separate task list and file list. You can better manage conversations, files, and track tasks organized by project while you have multiple projects running at once.

Hibox for task management, Hibox for project management

2. Create tasks, assign to users and set deadlines:

Once you have your streams set up, you can start creating tasks and assigning them to users. In each task list, you can drag and drop tasks to change their priority on your team’s list. Assign due dates and specific times to each task and receive reminders of when a deadline is approaching. No task goes missed!

When assigning tasks, the task calendar view is perfect for getting an overall visual and identifying bottlenecks in workflow. From here, you can make sure your teams workload is optimized with other projects and tasks.

Hibox for task management, Hibox for project management

For example, Modern Lantern’s project manager Carrie uses Calendar View to evenly distribute work amongst team members and ensure all necessary deadlines are set up for the day of the new line launch. She can drag and drop tasks to other dates and reassign to other users if the workload needs to be shifted to quickly optimize the workload.

3. Stay on top of your teams workload using task list filters: 

For a complete view of the project tasks, use the task list and filters. Here all tasks are listed by streams and you can use filter by task status, date assigned, user assigned, stream, priority, etc to create a specified view of where you’re at on a project. 

A project manager can filter the task list to see just the tasks they created and assigned to specific users. For example, Carrie can filter by tasks assigned to Haley who is in charge of the sourcing for new lamp line and see which tasks are complete.

Hibox for task management, Hibox for project management

4. Split up tasks with Subtasks and make it a team effort:

Subtasks are perfect for splitting up the work on a larger task. Beneath a task, you can add in “subtasks” and assign them to different users and make them due at different times. This is a really effective way to track who is working on which parts and how the pieces will come together. Your whole team will get notified as each part is completed. This perfect for teams of just a few or a whole office – it’s a great visual of how everyone’s work fits together.
Hibox for task management, Hibox for project management

Modern Lantern split up the social media marketing plan for their new outdoor line amongst different users using subtasks and can now track how each part is coming along towards the final result! Different users are assigned to different parts of the launch such as creating graphics with the new lamps for Facebook and contacting design bloggers about featuring the new line.

5. Add attachments and comments to tasks: 

To any task or subtask, you can add in your comments to help clarify the details. Whenever you click on a task, a task detail bar will appear with any extra information your team needs including date due, who’s assigned, and task status. You can also go in and add comments. This is a great place to keep instructions on completing a task, feedback on work, or attaching relevant files.
Hibox for task management, Hibox for project management

6. Share files, group chat, or video chat to collaborate real-time:

One of the biggest problems with virtual teamwork is keeping your team feeling personally connected! With Hibox, use chat to communicate real time right from your desk. Forget disconnected email or intrusive office visits. And when you want to keep it personal and have a face-to-face chat, you can always jump on a video call to discuss the details!

Modern Lantern’s team works from both the design center and the showroom. Carrie can get on a quick video call with the any employee at the design center to discuss the details for an upcoming open house with one click.

Hibox for task management, Hibox for project management

7. Employ your own AI personal assistant:

Hibox has a built-in personal assistant for you team you can set to work right away. As you chat and discuss project details, Hibox uses Natural Language Processing to recognize when a message you send should be a task and will automatically ask if you want to create a task right there in the chat stream. No little details you and your team discuss fall through the cracks – they become trackable, actionable tasks instantly! There are plenty of AI features on the way that will help managers assign tasks to best users by analyzing project member’s workloads and skills automatically!

Hibox for task management, Hibox for project management

“Hibox has allowed us to turn our creativity into tangible results. We can collaborate real-time and organize multiple projects to quickly bring our new designs and projects to life. Not only can we stay connected on-the-go, but we can turn conversation into actual productivity right away.”

— Carrie Fitzwater, Modern Lantern

Hibox for task management, Hibox for project management

Stephen and Carrie Fitzwater, owners of Modern Lantern (Kye Lee)

These are just a few of our favorite ways to manage projects in Hibox. Get you and your team on a free trial for your next project or request a demo and allow us to show you how Hibox can help your team specifically become more productive and connected.

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