Hibox for Sales Teams

Use Hibox to increase productivity and hit those numbers with your sales team.

Hibox is the perfect digital platform for any sales team – in the same room or spread across regional offices.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn how real sales teams are using Hibox to: 

  • Successfully tackle leads as a team.
  • Better communicate and share files with clients for long term closes. 
  • Set and plan for team sales goals and deadlines. 

Get Started Step by Step:

Assign new leads or accounts to individuals and groups:

Organize your sales force easily by creating new streams for leads or accounts and assigning the necessary employees to that stream. Small teams focused on accounts can chat together about strategy and share important files away from the public stream. Teams working on accounts together can assign tasks to each other to divvy up the work and easily track them.

Hibox for sales teams

Chat streams for regional teams:

Another really successful way of organizing your sales team is by creating a stream for each regional sales team. You can then add the relevant team members to their regional stream where they can discuss, divvy up leads, assign tasks, and plan out travel schedules together. Each regional team will have their task and shared file list that anyone on that team can pull up at anytime to see exactly what the team is working on. Share travel receipts, information from leads and accounts, and spreadsheets in one organized place. Everyone always has the latest version!

Hibox for sales teams

Communicate with clients as a team:

Now your team can collaborate on long term sales and customer service virtually. In Hibox, add clients as external users to their own private account stream so your team can chat and share files with them directly. The stream will be entirely secure and all conversations and files backed up for review at anytime. Your client will not be able to view any other streams. Your team can stay on the same page with clients, discuss details, and provide great customer service for long term account relationships.

Hibox for sales teams

Tackle leads with the Email Integration: 

You can stay on top of leads together with the Email Integration. Set up your regional sales team with a stream and use the integration to generate an email to communicate with new leads. Any emails sent back to your stream email will appear in the stream in Hibox for your entire team to read. No more losing track of email threads, overlapping communication, and dropped leads! You can all work together to make sure you’re covering all the bases.

Hibox for sales teams

Plan out team goals and deadlines with Calendar View:

Your sales team can plan out events, launching, and report deadlines using the Calendar View. Assign tasks directly in the calendar or from streams. It’s the perfect visual view of your team’s entire workload. You can drag and drop tasks or change the assigned user to help divvy up work amongst your team. All team members will have access to a clear view of what’s due ahead on the Calendar. This is a great tool for sales team goal setting!

Hibox for sales teams

Keep in touch on the road with video calling:

Hibox is not only great for managing tasks and files leading up to a big business trip; it’s perfect for staying in touch with HQ while you’re away! Video chat with you entire team or any individual with just one click! You’re never too far away for a face-to-face discussion. Hibox supports up to ten connections at one time so you can have team meetings from virtually anywhere.

Hibox for sales teams

There are so many tips ands tricks to discover in Hibox that will help your sales team effectively execute your strategy and hit your goals every quarter.

To get your team more productive and connected than ever today, try out Hibox for free.

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