Hibox for Marketing Teams

Hibox is great for teams of any industry but there’s lots of little tools and tricks you can use to help your Marketing team do your thing best.

With Hibox, your marketing team can:

  • Better organize communication and workload for specific projects.
  • Delegate work and track team progress towards deadlines.
  • Brainstorm and collaborate real-time no matter where your team is located.

Get started step-by-step:

1. Organize your team with Project Streams

Project streams are how you separate group chat into focused, easily organized, and searchable conversations. You can also manage tasks and share files from each stream to keep work organized.

For marketing teams, try organizing by:

  • individual clients where you assign only members of your team who will be focused on that client.
  • groups of clients with similar attributes such as industry, size, and region and assign small teams to tackle them together.
  • specific marketing processes such as Social Media, Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, or Graphic Design.

Hibox for Marketing Teams

Uva Communication organizes their streams by individual clients because they’re a firm with a small team that focuses on long term projects and campaigns with separate accounts. It’s highly customizable for your team’s needs. The most important thing is that conversations are organized into small focused teams and you’re not all “talking” over each other and losing information in one stream.

2. Use Calendar View for planning launches and measuring results

One of the best features for planning launches, mapping out campaigns, and measuring the results of your team’s work is the Calendar view. You can organize tasks by calendar view for long term projects. The whole team can get a visual idea of what needs to get done across multiple projects using this view. The tasks from different streams will appear color coded. Uva Communications uses calendar to identify bottlenecks where too many campaigns are set to launch at once of certain team members are too overloaded with tasks.

Hibox for Marketing Teams

For the routine tasks you can use recurring tasks to make sure it’s always on the radar and taken care of! Set recurring tasks like weekly social media posts and updates to make sure they’re never missed. Uva sets a recurring task in their Digital Marketing stream for updating Adwords and another in their Social Media stream for posting to certain sites.

Hibox for Marketing Teams

3. Divide up the work with Subtasks

For complex tasks, you can use subtasks. Subtasks allow you to break tasks up into smaller tasks you can assign to different users and set different due dates for. Use subtasks to plan out long term projects like a new blog post, campaign, or upcoming presentation. You can add more detail in the comments of the task. Subtasks help you divvy out responsibilities and keep track of them while working towards one goal.

Uva communications splits up and tracks the work for multi-language Adwords campaigns by assigning parts in different languages to various users as subtasks under each campaign.

Hibox for Marketing Teams

4. Set up integrations to share and collaborate like never before

You can use Hibox’s integrations to organize information and keep everyone updated. The email integration is useful for managing leads together. You can have emails sent to an address associated with each stream in your Hibox account, “[email protected]” for example. All emails sent to that address will automatically post to that stream. Uva communications uses the email integration to receive and manage Adwords and Facebook updates as a team. This is great for collaborative team communication with outside partners and customers. Everyone is always up to speed with what’s going on without emails going missing or important information not being passed on. Uva Communications has their email integration set up to where emails summarizing performance of Adwords and Facebook campaigns go straight to their Digital Marketing stream so the whole team is receives them automatically and can discuss changes.

Hibox for Marketing Teams

The Google Docs integration is perfect for collaborating on leads databases and collaboration where multiple users need to be able to edit a document at the same time. It enables creativity and fluid group contribution to projects as if the team was working together in person. Everyone will always have access to the latest version of databases or new marketing content without the hassle of searching through email.

Hibox for Marketing Teams

The Dropbox integration is perfect for images, visual marketing content that the whole team needs to share but not edit simultaneously. It’s great for sharing media like photos, videos, and presentations. This is another way to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest versions without email.

Hibox for Marketing Teams

5. Keep it personal with “Virtual Huddle-Ups”

Marketing is the most creative business activity and requires tons of real-time discussion. For many teams, it can be difficult to meet up consistently. In Hibox, you can video conference with anyone with just one click– don’t worry about getting everyone signed up and logged into Skype! You can easily set up calls immediately to go over the things that just don’t work out best over messages. Uva works with a lot of creative workers like designers and copywriters who are not always in office. Being able to jump on a call while collaborating online to brainstorm or hash out details is a huge perk for their team.

Hibox for Marketing Teams

Bonus: Employ your own AI personal assistant

Last but not least, Hibox has a built in personal assistant for your whole team you can set to work right away. As you and your team chat and discuss project details, Hibox uses natural language processing to recognize when a message you send should be a task and will automatically ask if you want to create a task right there in the chat stream. No little details you and your team discuss fall through the cracks – they become trackable, actionable tasks without the extra work.

Hibox for Marketing Teams

Real Marketing Teams Using Hibox:

Uva Communication from Uruguay is one of the many companies finding better marketing team productivity and organization with Hibox. Their Social Director Sebastian Urriza says Hibox “is a simple and practical tool that allows us to coordinate tasks and priorities easily reallocate responsible, know our progress and tracking everything while we chat.” You can check out more on Uva communications here: http://www.uvacomunicacion.com.

Hibox for Marketing Teams

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