How to improve customer service

How to use Hibox to improve your Customer Service

Mark Trego
Sep 27, 2017

Whether your company is a large corporation with a huge customer service team, or just a few people at the same desk, your customer service operations have to be almost flawless in order to build a loyal customer base. The expectations are set high, no matter who you are or what business you’re in. The only way to truly provide expert customer care is to have cohesive internal communication and task management.

Here, we’ll show you how you can use Hibox to help fill the communication and accountability gap for incredible customer service.

Chat and schedule tasks in the same place to help customers as a team

The biggest key to a flawless customer experience is consistency. Customers can tell when you’re not organized on the other side. It’s difficult to track the last point of communication with a customer when you’re in a team. Customers don’t want to repeat their last problem, service, or exchange with your company every time they need your help. Internal chat is a fast, intuitive form of communication that easily connects your entire team. Hibox group chat streams with integrated task management make it simple.

Team members can communicate instantly in a chat stream. They can assign tasks to specific members – that everyone else can also see – to keep track of pending items for each customer.

You can schedule tasks to have your next call with a customer, so you can sure contact is made on time. You can even use recurring tasks to assign when and to whom billing is to be sent each month, so you don’t forget to bill them for all your hard work!

Create unique streams for each customer to organize important customer information in one place

You can share files from your computer or Google Drive directly in a Hibox stream. They’ll appear in your stream file list so everyone can easily access them. This is perfect for organizing customer contact lists and filing important information about your customers like proposals, budgets, invoices and more. It’s easy for any team member to pull up customer information during a call, so you can speed up your service and increase your customer satisfaction.

Use the ‘External User’ function to provide the most for customers

If your customer relationships require hands-on attention and constant communication, the external user function is going to change the way you manage customer service. Add your customers as external users so they can chat, share files, and tasks with your team in one private stream. External users can’t see anything other than your private stream with them, so they won’t have access to your other customers.

You can use tasks to show customers what your team is working on, and instantly chat about details, rather than constantly chase up phone calls, or communicate in separate email threads. You can even call customers directly from your stream. You’ll have all communication and information in one place for total convenience.

Use recurring tasks and calendar view to schedule a consistent system

To stay consistent with monthly or weekly tasks like billing, customer survey emails, and followups, use recurring tasks and calendar view to establish a consistent schedule to meet customer needs. Schedule newsletters and weekly followups for your current customers to build strong relationships. Assign tasks to specific team members so everyone knows their role in providing excellent customer service, and nothing falls through the cracks.

You don’t need to be a huge corporation to handle customer service flawlessly. You can satisfy customers and build long term client relationships by implementing strong internal communication and organization. Hibox provides your team with everything you need to do so, in one convenient platform. Try Hibox with your team for incredible customer service free today.

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