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Plan better team productivity: calendar view in Hibox

Mark Trego
Mär 13, 2017

Previously, our team was discussing goals, sharing ideas and assigning tasks on Hibox, and then jumping over to Google Calendar to schedule event deadlines so we could all see the plan in a more visual way. It didn’t feel like the most efficient way to manage our team. Everything else we do, we do in Hibox. We needed a way to plan work and better our team productivity.

So we fixed it!

Calendar View in Hibox is built to collectively improving team productivity

Calendar View for tasks gives teams a full daily, weekly, or monthly view of all tasks scheduled right in Hibox.

Now when you go to your task list or a stream’s task list, there is the option to view all your task due dates in a Calendar format rather than a list.

Hibox, calendar view, task management calendar
There are now two ways to view your tasks.

You can also create and assign tasks directly from here. Just click on the date you want a new task to be due and fill in all the details.

Hibox, calendar view, task management calendar
It’s easy to create tasks right in your Calendar.

Tasks are color coded to let you know which tasks belong to which stream and which are personal tasks (visible to you only). Click on a task to view the task details panel which includes the stream, a quick description, and a specific time due.

Hibox, calendar view, task management calendar
Simply click on a task to get all the details.

There are great ways to take advantage of this feature we’re discovering ourselves: you and your team can use Calendar View to get a better grip on long-term projects, far off due dates, and better plan events so that all the tasks along the way you need completed for success aren’t forgotten. It’s much easier to see the little steps to a larger goal and how it all fits together when you have a visual, organized timeline available to the whole team — without ever having to leave Hibox.

— The Hibox Team

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