Hibox time tracking, Hibox export tasks

New features: Time tracking and export tasks

Mark Trego
Feb 22, 2017

Two new features just arrived: Time Tracking and Export Task!

Time Tracking

Time Tracking allows you to measure the exact time your team is investing on each task! In Task Details you now have a Play/Pause button so users can record the time they are spending on that task. Just press Play to start recording. If you need to interrupt what you are working on you can press Pause anytime to stop recording.


You can track several tasks at the same time and view all the tasks that are currently in progress in the “Working On” section.
Stop leaving things to chance – measure and quantify the real cost of your tasks and projects.

Export Tasks

Users can now export all tasks into an Excel document with all the specific details for each task.  With this feature, you can get an overview of everything your team is working on and review it all even offline!

Just go to the Tasks view, apply the filters you are interested in and click on the Export button in the upper righthand corner.
You can check details like task status, creation date, due date, assignee, time spent on the task and much more.

Probieren Sie es kostenlos aus und ändern Sie die Art und Weise, wie Sie arbeiten.