Marketing ideas to make breakthroughs

The biggest marketing challenges and how to make breakthroughs

Mark Trego
Aug 18, 2017

Is your team experiencing any of these? Check out our tips on how to tackle these common marketing challenges:

Establishing a consistent voice:

Whether you’ve got a blank slate to start a new marketing strategy, or you’re working on a company’s existing marketing plan, one of the most difficult parts to nail is a consistent voice. No matter where a new lead comes from, their first impression of you will stick, and they’ll expect your company’s “personality” to span their entire experience. The companies that are currently the best at doing so are fashion companies. Their “voice” and style translate perfectly across various social platforms, web content, and email.

Here are a few tips:

Pick 3-4 unique “signatures” of your company’s communication style or visual presentation. Make sure these stay consistent across all platforms, no matter what you end up adding to your marketing system. A great example of this is Product Hunt. I knew from their Twitter that I could expect a ton of emojis and cat photos with every email update. It’s ridiculous, but guess what? They deliver, it’s memorable, and it works.

Generating the right traffic and leads:

With Adwords, it’s fairly easy to narrow down who you’re trying to get in front of. So why does it still seem so difficult to reach quality leads? There’s nothing worse than spending a ton to get traffic that bounces like crazy. So many companies keep dumping money into Adwords without even putting in the time and effort into setting up the “right kind of trap” for the audience that will actually be buying their product. How many times have you been searching online and clicked the top hits, only to have to continue down to find something more relevant?

How to fix it:

Create buyer personas based on client interviews. Check out Xtensio, a tool we used to help us with this.Think about what the biggest concerns and questions would be for those individuals at work (or home). Do some searches as if you are your target customer and see what’s coming up that would be useful to them. Optimize your content to actually answer their most pressing questions and concerns. Or, just simply entertain them.

Meeting budgeting needs:

Not every company starting out has a ridiculous SEO and Ad budget. Most have close to nothing put aside for advertising on that scale. And frankly, spending on Adwords and ads alone will make it near impossible to compete with big companies with multimillion dollar budgets.

Rein in your spending:

Focus on the organic traffic. As I mentioned earlier, spending massive amounts of your budget on Adwords and ads may not even bring in the right customers, and consequently, the right returns. If you focus on bringing in organic traffic through well thought-out and optimized content, you won’t have to spend as much. And when you do spend, your chances of capturing your target audience will be much greater. Shift your budgeting focus to creating unique and quality content such as blog posts, free webinars, eBooks, etc. to collect emails.

Automating without losing personal touch:

This is a constant battle for everyone using all the new super cool tools for incredible marketing automation. Yes, it’s easy to send 10,000 emails simultaneously in different flows to 5 different lead groups, but are you actually just being deleted and ignored? I see some companies in my inbox who absolutely fail at this and others who (even though I know it’s automated) still have my attention nearly every time.

How to stay personal:

Keep your automated emails short and simple. Make them sound like you’re writing to a colleague. You wouldn’t include a 500 word intro and an insane amount of graphics, right? Keep the subject lines informative and personal as well, just like you would a colleague, again. For a little more on this, read our post on the perfect email.


We’re still working out the science of marketing ourselves over at Hibox, so we hope these few tips are helpful to you and your team! For a complete platform to collaborate and plan marketing campaigns together on, try Hibox.

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