artificial intelligence productivity tools

5 artificial intelligence productivity tools you can’t live without

Mark Trego
Feb 01, 2017

Artificial Intelligence used to be a long-off possibility but now it seems to be manifesting all around us. It’s on its way to becoming a real business necessity, with 64% of businesses who have tried out these smart robots saying they depend on them for their growth. But it still feels far-off and inaccessible for personal use. However, there are plenty of brilliant and simple-to-use tools that can help you with personal productivity every day.

Here are just a few you can begin using for practically nothing right now.

1. Don’t waste time scheduling meetings: Hire Amy for free

Amy is an AI personal assistant that you can hire for free and set to work right away. How irritating is it going back and forth via email with someone, trying to find times that work for a meeting in your calendar? Amy does it for you. Include Amy in your conversation stream and she’ll suggest possible meeting times to your client that work for you, wait for their response, and schedule it right into your calendar. You’ll be notified in advance too, so you never miss a meeting!

2. Let Trevor organize your task list and calendar

Another assistant you may want to look into hiring is Trevor. Trevor will review your task lists from task management platforms and your calendars, and suggest the best times to complete tasks and optimize your schedule. He (if can we say that?) will identify the perfect time for you to complete a task based on your availability, and also notify you when it’s the best time for you to fit something in. This is a great tool to fight against procrastination. You can ask Trevor to add a task and he will immediately give you a selection of times in your calendar to pick from. It’s just like texting a personal assistant who’s always online.

artificial intelligence productivity tools

3. Conversica will qualify leads for you using artificial intelligence 

artificial intelligence productivity tools

While you’re at it, why don’t you hire a whole AI sales team? Conversica is a lead qualification and follow-up tool that will let you focus on the leads that matter. If you’re a small business and you’re doing all of your lead research and qualification yourself, you’re aware of how time-consuming and exhausting the process can be. You’d rather be conversing with customers than leads. Can you imagine having pre-qualified leads – who have already had contact with your “team”- finding their way right to your inbox? Your assistant reads responses from leads, tailors her reply, and notifies you when a lead is looking promising. Even more impressive, 35% of this sales assistant’s messages get a response!

artificial intelligence productivity tools

4. Review legal documents with a free personal lawyer

Legal Robot – with its incredibly straightforward name – is exactly what you think. It’s a robot that helps you handle the legal paperwork which can be far too time-consuming. Legal Robot reads the fine print better than you could in half the time. The tool provides you with an “automatic contract review” that helps you understand complex language so you can make sure you don’t get screwed over in less time! Hugely productive. Another great feature gives you the ability to compare your contract with those in the same industry to ensure yours is standard. Legal Robot also uses AI algorithms to flag issues and risks and offer better suggestions.

artificial intelligence productivity tools

5. Spend money faster with Echo

Amazon is making it easier and easier for us to spend our money. First Prime, now Echo (or Alexa if you’d like to add yet another AI assistant to your staff). Echo is a voice command centre that connects smart objects in your home to help answer your questions and – yes, of course – order and ship anything you need immediately from Amazon. Echo/Alexa will answer your questions on anything from the weather to sports news, then play your favorite song on request. Alexa learns your patterns and routines to help you with the little things – like ordering the pizza you like in a moment’s notice. Productive? Very. That’s time you would’ve had to spend surfing online instantly freed up. Dangerous? Definitely. Say goodbye to your budget.

artificial intelligence productivity tools

Stay up to speed with the latest and increase your productivity daily by trying out a few of the technologies that are available right now.

You may be interested in what we’re doing at Hibox with AI for your team’s productivity as well!

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