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Top tips for powerful team task management

Mark Trego
Mar 14, 2018

Teamwork is the difference between success and failure; team task management guarantees success

In theory teamwork should make working to meet deadlines and handle the workload from a project easier. But in practice, organizing team tasks and working with others in general is extremely challenging. How well teams work together is a huge factor in the overall success and livelihood of companies of any size.

If working together as a team is feeling more stressful than productive, try these top team tasks management tips:

Flatten communication so team task management is more convenient:

Poor communication is one of the biggest faults holding companies and teams back from better productivity. Too many layers and bureaucracy to go up and down the chain of command to move forward on projects is a big flaw many companies still work around. There are plenty of tools like group chat platforms like Hibox that allow direct and intuitive communication between teams, departments, management levels, and individuals. It also ensures all communication takes place in one central, safe place and not in divided and unorganized email threads.

Include a little competition in your task management:

Competition helps motivate employees to perform at their best. When we see our performance against someone else’s, even our own past performance, we are more motivated to beat it. Adding even just a slight competition element to task management can help make things a little more interesting. Hibox has a task time tracker as well as a completed task ranking system that displays who on your team has completed the most of their tasks for the week, month, etc. It’s a little extra push of motivation to try to do better than team members and yourself. It makes task management a little less routine and dull.

Make it easy to access task management:

When a task management system is too removed from regular work processes, employees will eventually forget about it and stick to making their own to-do lists. Make sure your task management system is an integral part of your team’s work process and is closely linked to your communication. The best way to achieve this is by using a digital workspace for all your team’s work that allows your team to group chat, manage tasks, share files, and more in one central place like Hibox. Too many logins and different windows open causes confusion, mistakes, and slows work down. Additionally, poorly integrated tools together are confusing and not manageable as your team and responsibilities grow.

Use a transparent team task management system:

Accountability is key with task management, especially with a large team working on a lot of different pieces that need to come together to finish a project on time. It’s difficult to see how everything fits together and keep everyone accountable for their part when everyone is just working from their own personal to-do lists. A task management system that organizes everyone’s task in clear, visible lists and calendars is a great way to show your employees how their part and others are contributing to an overall goal. Team members are more engaged and take more pride in their work when they can see how their tasks are vital to the team’s goals.

Keep task management simple and intuitive:

If your task management tool takes too long to figure out, employees won’t adopt it and they will end up using their own method. Task management should be simple and intuitive enough to use right away with no instruction. There is likely multiple generations and levels of tech ability on your team. Creating and tracking tasks should not be a whole other process to understand. Hibox’s interface is incredibly easy and functions like other social tools users are already used to. With all the functionality built in, there are no disconnected integrations to make things confusing.

Keep important data and files close to task management:

Task management is meant to facilitate work, so keep the materials your team needs to work close! Again, too much jumping around to various sites and tools can make organization take too much time away from real work. Task management with functionalities like attaching files, comments, subtasks, and descriptions to tasks helps team members go from organizing to work in one step. Hibox has integrations for attaching Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox files to your tasks and chat messages and keeps it all organized in task and file lists.

Not all team task management is the same! Keep these tips in mind to make sure your task management system helps your employees be more productive rather than slow them down. For a tool that covers all these tips, try Hibox for free with your team today.

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