Expert tips to guarantee excellent project management

Spencer Coon
Apr 20, 2017

Project management can be messy. It’s the very human part of business there’s no real science to. It’s a trial and error process, except sometimes that process can cost you a lot of money as a company and credibility as a project manager. One of the best methods for avoiding the “error” is to learn from the best. Below, we’ve compiled a few tips from excellent project managers and leadership experts to keep in mind.

1. “Delegate up. Of course, a project manager’s job is to run the project; however, if they are confounded by a problem, it is better to ask for guidance than to flail and fail.” -Todd C. Williams is the founder and president of eCameron, Inc.

If you’re a new project manager, this is going to be your best bet to avoid the same mistakes that cause project failure. In fact, 33% of projects fail because of lack of support from a senior executive. Cut your chances of failure by learning from those who can provide you with the resources you need and a wealth of experience. All companies are different in terms of culture. Your team members are more likely to feel confident in you if they see support from above as well.

2. Instead of managing expectations through saying “no,” think about using the “yes, and…” principle – Keren Nimmo is Vice President of Client Engagement at EffectiveUI

Leadership experts swear by collaborative rather than authoritative approaches. Instead of telling employees “no” to a suggestion, saying “yes” and then providing qualifications that support your end goal. This is a great way to make your employees feel empowered. It forces you as a project manager to look for more collaborative solutions to reaching goals. If you’re stuck on your vision and continue to say “no” to everything else, you may miss some creative new solutions.

3. “Establish measurable and reportable criteria for success.” – Simon Andras, Higher Click

You would never ask Finance a question about progress and expect an answer like “getting there” or “good” – you want numbers! The truth is, everyone wants numbers and they’re the most powerful way to measure your team’s true effectiveness. At the end of the day, the success of your project will be judged on numbers alone. It’s best you get focused on that early. To keep your team moving in a forward direction towards end goals, use numbers for tracking success in all areas of your project.

4. “Be as transparent as you can with all of your team members. The more they know, the more you all are part of the same dream and vision and you’ll all work harder to get where you need to go as a team.”  -John Hingley, co-founder of startup Dasheroo

A strategy to increase employee engagement that’s been successful is establishing a sense of ownership for employees. Projects are a great time to do this. Transparency determines how willing team members are to trust you as a leader and how willing they are to put the max effort in. Being honest about your objectives, including a stake for them, and illustrating your vision well are key to getting the most from your team.

5. When using implementing software, “get the entire team—not just part of the team—collaborating in the system” Shawn Dickerson, GTM Director at Workfront

Nowadays, more likely than not, your team will be using software to collaborate or complete certain project processes. Introducing technology arbitrarily can waste time and confuse team members fast. There will be others that are faster adopters than others. It’s vital to the success of a system that you get everyone onboard from the start. So, start all communication, even the small talk, in your project management system and avoid email all together. Hibox is the perfect project management platform to get your whole team collaborating and communicating; try it free.

With a very people-oriented part of business, nothing is black and white. You’ll learn to develop your own leadership style to bring the best our of your team with practice. Keeping some gems of wisdom from those who’ve been there never hurts!


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