The most powerful personal productivity apps of 2017

Spencer Coon
Jun 12, 2017

Productivity apps have taken the world by storm over the last few years. I’ve tried many and some of become integral parts of my schedule. Others have missed the mark completely and we’re deleted within a week. Every year, it seems get closer to the perfect productivity app in terms of user experience and useful features.

To help narrow down the search, I’ve put together a list of this year’s most powerful productivity apps I’ve tried and tested. We’re just six months in, but world of productivity has make some dramatic shifts with new technology and methods. Here’s what to look out for this year :

In terms of personal productivity, this app brings you everything you need along with powerful Artificial Intelligence tools you didn’t even realize you need. allows you to assign tasks to yourself in organized list that coordinate with your calendar (iCal, Google Calendar, etc.). Finally, your events and tasks live in the same place! The interface is super simple to learn. Features like suggestions from your recent tasks help to make organizing your day quick and easy.’s AI “Assistant” will be available soon. Assistant will be able to take care of tasks anywhere from scheduling meetings to ordering groceries.

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One of the biggest problems with “productivity” is that it’s hard to plan across both personal life and work life. Shyft helps tackle this problem. It’s interface is super simple: one list for work life, one list for home life. There’s nothing confusing about it. Additionally, there’s some features that makes this extremely time saving like auto-clearing lists. Instead of waking up with overdue tasks from the last day, you have a clean slate each day. You also have the option to move tasks with lower priority to your “back burner” list.


If you’re like me and you still love having your personal to-do list hand written out, sometimes personal productivity apps aren’t completely necessary. However, there are some features I’d like to be able to use to organize projects and coordinate easier with others. Calendly is perfect for scheduling meetings without the back and forth of email. Once you share your Calendly link with someone via your email, they can pick a time that is free on your schedule and the event is automatically scheduled for you. You can use this across multiple calendars. If you happen to have a digital task list on another app, you can likely integrate Calendly as well to auto schedule your meetings as tasks.

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Bear Notes:

One of my biggest frustrations in terms of productivity is trying to keep thoughts and ideas (that aren’t necessarily tasks yet) organized. Too many tabs, notes on my phone, and emails to myself is a huge problem when I’m trying to remember something important. Bear is a great app that easily organizes your notes and snippets of inspiration from throughout the day into little streams. You can set up categories from “grocery list” to “new content ideas” and store notes, files, or even create tasks for them to revisit later. This app makes the creative process, no matter what your career or project, much more organized and smooth.

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The key to productivity is consistency. And consistency is just a mind game! Luckily, there’s a great new app that’s been making steady improvements coming into 2017 that makes consistency visual and a priority. Momentum allows you to visually see your “chain” of productivity as grow day by day for different tasks you want to build into habits. It takes about a month for a habit to really stick. Seeing your progress day by day in Momentum’s visual interface will make you not want to break that chain and continue to build towards your goal.

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These are just a few to look out for in 2017. So far, it’s been a year all about productivity from tools, apps, new tricks, etc. It will be interesting to see what comes out next! You’ll only find what works for you by trying! For improving productivity for teams and businesses, take a look at trying Hibox for free.

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