The best alternative to Wrike for your team

The best alternative to Wrike for your team

Sophia Ellis
Jan 10, 2017

Looking for a better, more productive alternative to Wrike?

Well, let us help you out with this.

Wrike is a work management platform for companies to organize and layout projects. They have a very easy to use email integration system, but several organizations have found that it doesn’t meet all of their needs. With a platform that is based solely on task management, there is no sense of balance with collaboration – wouldn’t you rather talk to your colleagues in real time? On top of that, there is no clear overview into everything that is going on, which actually diminishes Wrike’s usability and functionality as a company grows.

An alternative to Wrike

Are you looking for a platform to organize and manage tasks in one click? Do you want full collaboration with your team?

Forget about Wrike, you need Hibox in your life. The best alternative for your team !

Don’t think so? Check out some of our advantages for yourself:

  • Internal chats and videoconferencing allow you to talk to your team in real time, no downloads or other tools required!
  • Our built-in AI assistant will track patterns in your messages and suggest actions you can take, such as create or assign a task – it does the work for you!
  • The main feature is our all in-one task management that enables you to create and assign tasks, share files
  • Hibox’s usability ensures that there is no lost time downloading other tools –  tasks and chats and integrated together to maximize productivity!
  • External integrations mean that you can share any external file from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box to name a few, as well as receive email notifications in Hibox  from any of your favorite apps like Twitter and Paypal
  • Live support 24/7 in English in case you have any problems or questions

Try Hibox! The best platform for team collaboration. The best alternative to Wrike.

If you need a work management platform to help you complete tasks at an individual level, sure, Wrike would be a great option. But if you want a task management platform that allows you to be collaborative and track productivity, Hibox is for you.

Try it for free and change the way you work